Hey Marshawn Lynch, Here’s What Police Brutality Looks like in Mexico

Marshawn Lynch better hope that his football career lasts a long time. He also better hope that he has one heck of a financial advisor. Because with that little brain, he won’t be able to do much else.

What am I talking about? Lynch’s protests.

As we all know, Lynch refuses to stand for the National Anthem because is “protesting” police brutality throughout the United States.

This all started in 2016 with Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. He “began kneeling during the national anthem’s playing in 2016 and drew widespread attention for what he called an effort to bring attention to racial injustice.”

President Donald Trump is so fed up with Lynch’s behavior and the way Lynch disrespects the flag, our soldiers, and our country that he is calling for Lynch’s dismissal; he, along with millions of everyday Americans.

Why the renewed battle?

Because Lynch SITS for OUR national anthem and STANDS for Mexico’s!

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Marshawn stood during the national anthem on Sunday for the first time all year. Only it wasn’t the U.S. national anthem.

The Oakland Raiders running back has taken a seat for “The Star-Spangled Banner” ever since coming out of retirement this season and has not given a reason why. He continued the practice this week before the Raiders’ game against the New England Patriots in Mexico City.

Then the Mexican national anthem played — and Lynch rose to his feet.

WHAT is this guy’s problem?

Actually, I know what it is–he is an idiot. A complete idiot.

Marshawn Lynch standing for Mexico’s flag, respecting the Mexican government, while disrespecting and protesting his own country is just the height of all irony.

You’re protesting police brutality? You want to talk about brutality, Lynch? Please, then by all means let’s do that.

A quick google search will turn up events in the past five years that are unimaginable in the United States–cases of “possible torture–three of them involving electric shocks”, “one protestor in a coma and another without the sight in one eye”, “police strategies in which they ‘encapsulate a person, take them away, and then try to justify some kind of link with criminal activities.”

A recent case, referred to as the Oaxaca Massacre, left ten people dead because of police brutality.

Mexico Rights Groups have protested “the lag in the equal employment of human rights, in particular economic, social and cultural rights, has historically generated a clamor for social justice that has not been properly addressed.”

I thought you were against police brutality, Lynch? I’m confused. I can only imagine what would happen if you disrespected those police and that government.

Now those are pictures that are worthy of praise, right Lynch?

But, I guess we shouldn’t expect much discernment from someone who pushes referees on the field (which earned Lynch a suspension).

It could be too many concussions, it could just be his lack of patriotism, or virulent hate. Whatever it is–one thing is for sure, he isn’t about protest leading to change, he just wants to stir the pot and stand in the spotlight.

What are your thoughts? Maybe we should just send him to Mexico…and then build the wall.