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NPR’s Cokie Roberts Drops Sexual Misconduct BOMBSHELL – by Brian Thomas

National Public Radio’s Cokie Roberts says that “every female in the press corps” was well aware of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill “for years.”

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Roberts had a noticeably different message than ABC host Martha Raddatz when speaking about sexual misconduct on D.C. The conversation focused on recent accusations against John Conyers and Al Franken.

“And you know they are so used to it,” Roberts said. “I mean, the culture of Capitol Hill for so many decades was men being bad. And…”

“So, we talk about that,” Raddatz said, steering the conversation towards what is being done, and what could really change. Roberts had started a dangerous topic. She’d said the word ‘decades.’ “We have talked about it weeks and weeks. But does anything really change?

Roberts’ immediate answer was a resounding “no” before seemingly protesting what Raddatz said about ‘weeks,’ noting that being willing to talk in public is what might foster change. “I mean, we all talked about [it] for years.”

Raddatz again tries to soften the severity of what Roberts was implying, adding “a little bit at a time.”

But Roberts wasn’t referring to what the press says in public “a little bit at a time” over “weeks and weeks.” She was talking about what the press corps knew, and talked about in private for decades. Finally, she said it loud and clear.

“Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know,” Roberts said. “and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him. Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference.”

Its easy to see why Raddatz tried desperately to reign in Roberts throughout the conversation. Raddatz saw that something big was about to slip.

So which “him” was Roberts referring to? One of the currently shamed Democrats on Capitol HIll? Or others?

Breitbart reports:

But back up just a moment– According to Roberts, “every” woman in the press corps knew that there was sexual misconduct going on in congress, knew that it was so brazen and so permissive that not even a female reporter was safe on an elevator, and NO ONE REPORTED IT?

No one bothered to inform the public?

How do things get so brazen that a Conyers or a Franken or a whomever feels perfectly  safe groping a journalist on an elevator? I will tell you how — when said groper knows there will be no accountability for his behavior.

[…] Yet, according to Roberts, our wonderful, glorious, utterly useless press corps knew for years this was going on in congress and covered it up, said nothing, let it slide, ENABLED IT, and through their silence, encouraged it.

What else are they covering up? What else are they allowing to happen in order to protect scumbags?

Breitbart makes an excellent point. Did politicians like Conyers and Franken feel protected for decades knowing that the partisan press wouldn’t dare report negatively on their behavior? After all, Roberts is talking about liberal, female press corps.

What reason could they possibly have for ignoring someone who was so aggressive that one knew better than to get in an elevator with him? And it’s not like nothing could be done. They’re the press corp. They had all the power in the world to reveal what was happening.

We can practically assume that the “him” Roberts referred to in her example must have been a Democrat, because if he’d been Republican, they would have had no incentive to protect him. And yet they ignored this sort of “men being bad” behavior “for decades.”

Breitbart continues:

And this is why, in my opinion, congress has gotten away  with covering up these taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements for two decades. The media has known about this. Of course they have. Nothing was reported, though, because the names on that list are primarily Democrat “icons” like Conyers.

Even now, even when we know about this secret fund, the media’s interest in the story, in exposing the wrongdoers, is practically non-existent. This should be the biggest story in the world, the narrative dominating everything else. It is all there — a $17 million slush fund, cover ups, corruption, sex — but the media does not really care. Just last week, the left-wing Politico was downplaying this outrage, hoping to wrist-flick it all away. And I think we all know why…

Democrats sure got it good.

So good, in fact, Cokie is still not being asked to names names.

What Roberts said is nothing short of a bombshell.

It was by far the most interesting thing said on the show that day, and yet Raddatz didn’t ask for names. She’d just been told that in our nation’s capitol, women in the press knew, and talked about, men who couldn’t be trusted in an elevator.

Yet Raddatz didn’t ask for names or details. She didn’t use the moment as an opportunity to let the public know more. She seemed, as she did throughout the discussion, eager to quietly let the implications die.