HILARIOUS: There is One Football Team Interested in Kaepernick

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t getting offers from any NFL team, but he has received an offer from an Arena League team owner.

He could be playing again soon — unless, of course, he thinks he’s too good for the Arena League.

Rapper Jim Jones recently paid into an acquisition of the Richmond Roughriders. As co-owner, he says Kaepernick and he could “talk about some business.”

Kaepernick did his fair share to ruin NFL ratings. Could he keep it up and ruin Arena League ratings as well?

Jones says he wouldn’t be concerned with any “kneeling” protest of the national anthem. So Kaepernick wouldn’t have a thing to worry about in the indoor football platform.

The Daily Caller reports:

Rapper Jim Jones recently became part-owner of the AFL’s Richmond Roughriders. TMZ caught up with Jones, and he took the opportunity to make his hiring pitch […]

“Kaep, listen, man. If you wanna keep your scales up to par, man, come on down to the Roughriders, man. We got a couple dollars too, too. We can talk about some business”, Jones said.

“I think the world would pay to watch you play, in any form of football. So, I got a platform for you. You know, come talk to me.”

Jones was then asked if any pre-game kneeling antics would fly on his team. If Kaepernick joined the Roughriders, he says he would actually encourage it.

“We bringing out beach chairs, said Jones. “You heard? We ain’t just kneelin’ brah. We bringin’ out beach chairs and pina coladas.”

The rapper became a part-owner of the team this month, joining other owners Gregg Fornario and Mike Kacor.

Jones also mentioned that he would extend an offer to Johnny Manziel as well. Manziel and Kapernick are both still unemployed and shamed, so why not take it?

Jones seemed to entice both players, offering them objects of their scandal: a beach chair for one, alcohol for the other, and, of course, high-paying jobs that currently seem out of reach.

TMZ reports:

Jones notes Kaep would be joining a winning atmosphere, ’cause the Riders were league champs last season. JJ also says national anthem demonstrations are N.B.D. — he even encourages it!!

There’s more … Jones also says he’s serious about courting Johnny Manziel to the squad.

Hey, Terrell Owens joined an Arena League team once … so, it’s not completely out of the question.

Even off the field, Kaepernick continues to embarrass the NFL with his collusion lawsuit against them.

If Kaepernick really does believe that league teams are conspiring against him unfairly, why would he want to go back to working for them? There’s a potential boss in Jones who seems more than willing to work with Kaepernick, although Jones might underestimate Kaepernick’s ability to cause ratings to flop.

The only reason Kaepernick has to turn Jones down is his own egotism.

Should Kaepernick turn his back on the League he ruined and set his sights on indoor football?

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