HILARIOUS! What Liberals Think Trump Is Doing to Sesame Street


V. Saxena reports that the Washington Post made fake news history Thursday by publishing a completely contrived story detailing a “worst-case scenario” of how President Donald Trump’s otherwise spectacular budget might affect a poor American family.

The publisher — for whom I would NEVER work, much like The New York Slime — basically invented a fictional world where everything wrong with the protagonist’s life traces back to mean ol’ Nazi dictator Donald Trump.

“The first thing you notice when you wake up is that it’s cold,” the truly absurd tale begins. “It’s unseasonably cold for March, sure, but it’s also colder in the house than it should be. The winter was long and heating oil is expensive — and although the government used to provide assistance with the heating bills, that support ended.”

As noted by The Connecticut Mirror, Trump’s budget proposal “would strip Connecticut of tens of millions of dollars in federal grants, eliminating programs that subsidize heating bills for nearly 110,000 Connecticut households.”

While this might sound harsh, why should hard-working Americans who toil daily at their jobs be forced to pay for the heating/cooling needs of people who likely have zero interest in working?

Moreover, are there not already programs in place — Social Security, Medicaid, etc. — ready and willing to help those who genuinely need assistance?

The rest of The Washington Post’s piece continues in the same light, with everything wrong in the protagonist’s life — his house being foreclosed upon, him not being able to afford tuition for his son and even his kids not being able to watch “Sesame Street” — is blamed on Trump.

Considering that an episode last year of “Sesame Street” depicted gay Bernie and gay Ernie “playing with each other’s ding-dongs,” as reported at the time by NewsBusters, I see nothing wrong with the president cutting disgusting this program.

In fact, I see nothing wrong with Trump’s budget, period.


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Liberals would call me an uncompassionate monster, but I consider myself a rational pragmatist — one who realizes that money does not grow on trees and must therefore be prioritized based on what’s important for the nation’s overall well-being.

And sorry, but proffering unlimited handouts, subsidizing pure garbage and throwing money at schools — where test scores have not increased despite liberals’ constant efforts — sounds neither wise nor prudent.

Take Trump’s proposed cuts to the Department of Education, for instance. While liberals will argue that this means he hates children, the truth, as noted by The Daily Signal, is that a restoration of federalism in education will “make way for states and localities to fund and manage programs that directly affect students in the classroom, better serving students, teachers, and taxpayers.”

Similar truths apply to the rest of the president’s cuts. But instead of examining these truths, The Washington Post would rather invent fake news.