HILARIOUS: Why the Media’s Hysteria Over Trump’s Proposed Budget Is PATHETIC [MEME]

budget cuts pathetic

C.E. Dyer reports that during a press briefing on Thursday after President Donald Trump revealed his budget proposal, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, took part in a question and answer session in which he further explained the critical budget cuts put forward by the administration.

After being prodded with leftist talking points, Mulvaney turned the left’s narrative on its head and pointed out that their budget is truly compassionate.

A reporter began: “Just to follow up on that, you were talking about the steelworker in Ohio and the coalminer in Pennsylvania and so on. But those workers may have an elderly mother who depends on the Meals on Wheels program, who may have kids in Head Start. And yesterday or the day before, you described this as a hard-power budget, but is it also a hard-hearted measure?”

More sob story, heartstring-pulling B.S. from the left that seeks to hide the fact that if you really care about people, you’d avoid their agenda like the plague.

Mulvaney responded: “No, I don’t think so. In fact, I think it’s probably one of the most compassionate things we can do to actually be –”

The reporter interjected: “Cut programs that help the elderly and kids?” Mulvaney then schooled the reporter:

You’re only focusing on half of the equation, right? You’re focusing on recipients of the money. We’re trying to focus on both the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place. And I think it’s fairly compassionate to go to them and say, look, we’re not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore. A single mom of two in Detroit, okay — “give us your money” — we’re not going to do that anymore unless we can guarantee —

Undeterred by a logical argument, or perhaps seeing their narrative bursting into flames and trying to minimize the damage, the reporter interrupted and asked: “And that single mom has two kids — what if that single mom has two kids in Head Start?”

Mulvaney answered: “Let me finish. Unless we can guarantee to you that that money is actually being used in a proper function. And I think that is about as compassionate as you can get.”

That hit the nail on the head.

The left is not compassionate; they are power hungry. They claim to be compassionate while using emotional appeals to hide the fact that their agenda is actually terribly cruel.

As Mulvaney pointed out, getting the budget under control and making sure that the money isn’t being wasted is truly compassionate.

It’s not compassionate to lie to the people about where their money is going and that the sky will fall if we don’t further inflate big government, all the while politicians shuffle the money around to their pet projects or buddies in a bid for power and control — and in some cases, probably just because they can and want to.

That’s not “compassion”; it’s downright criminal, and criminals don’t react well when the light is shined on them.