Hillary Clinton Believes Women Who Support Trump Are ‘Publicly Disrespecting Themselves’

Ugh. This woman. She simply won’t go away. But I guess that’s because she has a message for the world.

That message?

You are my scapegoat. You are the reason I lost the election.

Hillary Clinton’s focus this week is women. Specifically, the deplorable women.

The female Trump supporters.

As always, the Hillz has a beautiful way of spinning her patronizing rhetoric to be more offensive than the week before.

According to Fortune:

Hillary Clinton spoke about her thoughts on what she viewed as sexist comments by President Donald Trump and women who continued to support him.

“When I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace? In a community setting? Do they not see the connection there?” Clinton said in an interview on AM Joy.

She added that the fight against sexism is ongoing, even for women. She also pointed out that, while more women voted for her, she lost white women’s vote. However, she said progress was still made because she won more votes from white women than former President Barack Obama did.

Yes, why are women publicly disrespecting themselves?

I mean, they might as well be married to a man who cheats on them with an intern and puts their marital problems on public display.

That would really be disrespecting yourself.

Or accusing other women of lying about their sexual assault. That is publicly disrespecting yourself and other women.

I mean, how low is that?

And then, you have the audacity to vote for and support who you want!?!?

Don’t you know that your anatomy–your ovaries–dictate your future?

In other words, you have ovaries (or had ovaries) so you should vote for me–Hillary Clinton.

If you do not have ovaries, you can vote for my male opponents.

Otherwise, it is predetermined.

Now, you may be asking–this doesn’t make sense, Hill.

Didn’t women fight for the exact opposite?

That just because we have the capacity to bear children, does not mean that you must stay at home and rear a family, does not mean that you are somehow intellectually inferior, does not mean that your life is predetermined for you because of your anatomical difference to man?

We should be able to play sports, strive for that promotion, and vote.

But it sounds like what you are suggesting is that we can only exercise the vote if we vote for a person who is physically similar to us.

Who are you to assume that just because we share one thing in common women are a monolithic bunch and will blindly follow wherever your liberal, criminal, disingenuous political career goes?

This might be one of the most offensive things I have ever heard from a female candidate. Ever.

You say that women are still “winning” because you received a higher percentage of the white women vote than Barack Obama did.

What are you suggesting? That women are evolving into less ignorant creatures because they voted for you more this time around than before?

Is it me or is Hillary employing an extremely traditional and conservative argument to support her liberal platform?