Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump Debate #1

We are live blogging the debate as of now!

C.E. Dyer:

It’s a $14 million loan from his dad now, I though liberals claimed it was $100 million? Figure keeps changing.

Trump just knocked down Clinton’s class warfare insult perfectly.

Clinton keeps calling him “Donald” whereas he respectfully called her “Secretary Clinton.”

Interesting, Clinton’s husband was a big part of the housing crisis but that’s what Democrats do; rewrite history.

She’s never created a job in her life, but she’s going to tell Trump who’s employed thousands how to fix the economy.

Solar panels are going to fix the economy?

Obama himself said what a travesty the national debt is — before he was elected of course.

I wonder if that’s courtesy of Snopes…

It’s crazy to hold her accountable?

According to Clinton, it’s crazy for policies to actually benefit business because that would mean people have jobs and aren’t dependent on the government.

Debt free college, the dog whistle to the Sanders supporters. No mention about how to pay for it though.

His tax returns were as a private citizen, her emails were while she was a public servant. Her emails are far more important.

Charitable? All her “charity” goes to the family slush fund.

He keeps driving home the debt point which is fantastic.

Here it is: Clinton believes that taxing the rich fixes all the problems. Trump wants to bring jobs back and keep more money in their wallets.

Clinton really wants to go there about how Trump has treated people? How about the women who her husband allegedly abused and how she treated them?

So Trump expected people to do the job they were contracted to do? What an idea!

The mainstream media and the left have deepened and expanded the racial divide in this country.

Criminal justice reform, also known as the nationalization of local police forces.

Gun control will fix our racial problems — that’s working so well in Chicago.

I think she decided she was going to side with the Black Lives Matter movement and wanted to distance herself from police.

That was a great point about politicians allowing the destruction of the inner cities.

There goes Clinton denying the devastation in inner city communities. It doesn’t help them to act like the violence they deal with day in and day out doesn’t exist.

So it’s systemic racism that causes minorities to commit more crimes than white people? By that logic, white people are out committing enormous amounts of crime and that the police are just looking the other way.

So it’s systemic racism that causes minorities to commit more crimes than white people? By that logic, white people are out committing enormous amounts of crime and that the police are just looking the other way.

Again, she talks about something her husband was a big part of. Her husband was behind the 1994 crime bill that the left claimed was responsible for the increased incarceration of minorities.

Implicit bias is a convenient way to explain away inconvenient facts for liberals.

Trump pointed out the hypocrisy of wanting to get guns out of the hands of criminals and being against stop and frisk.

Inner cities have been “abused and used” by the Democrats, that’s a great way to put it.

“You decided to stay home” Trump to Clinton. That’s pretty funny. Trump was out with the people while she was preparing to debate Trump and she thinks that’s a good thing.

Clinton said a lot of things about Obama that the media conveniently forgets, like her campaign’s role in spreading rumors about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

The birther question is a waste of time and is just used for ratings. In a 90 minute debate, it’s ridiculous to waste time on it.

That’s very true, there’s serious bias here that the media will of course deny.

Notice the difference in responses by the crowd? The left stacked the deck there too.
McCain was questioned about his eligibility for president as well. Was that “racist” too?

Clinton claimed she didn’t know what a “c” meant on a document but she’s going to lecture America on cyber security.

Clinton claimed she didn’t know what a “c” meant on a document but she’s going to lecture America on cyber security.

Lester should make her circle back to her email setup, especially given that she was secretary of state — the top foreign policy adviser to the president. He won’t and with that there is no legitimate way to claim that this wasn’t a biased debate.

Trump also opened the door on Libya. It’s absurd if she doesn’t get seriously questioned about that here.

She’s taken unprecedented time off on the campaign trail but she’ll be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call?

Cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons? Iran nuclear deal anyone?

Nuclear codes? Biden lets everyone know who’s carrying the football when he’s out and about.

Good point by Trump about the policies of 40 years ago not necessarily working today.

Clinton says nuclear is a serious threat yet claims that Obama has done a great job. Obama gave 1.7 billion to Iran via the nuclear deal that will surely go to their nuclear program which was assisted by lifted sanctions. Iran wants to wipe Israel off of the map but lets help them get a nuclear weapon.

Words matter? How about the words she had for the women Bill allegedly assaulted and harassed?

They play the gender card, but don’t ask her any substantive questions about her actions as secretary of state.

Clinton smeared a 12-year-old rape victim in court in defense of a child rapist but hey, let’s bring up some alleged insensitive things Trump said.

It really is unbelievable that Clinton didn’t have to answer about Benghazi, but Trump had to answer about rumored comments he made at a beauty pageant.

Robert Gehl:

The housing crisis is about 90 percent the fault of Dem policies.

It’s impossible for Hillary to win the economic message when she’s so closely tied to Obama.

Right … her website is a “Factchecker.” HAHAHA

Donald’s right about that “carried interest provision” but it’s not a sexy issue.
Chrysler Fiat is sending ALL their car production to Mexico because they can’t make a profit in the US.

He already said he tries to pay zero taxes, Hillary … people know that. I think the thousands of people he employs are better for the economy that whatever taxes he’d pay.

There’s his best argument: You need someone who understands money. Someone who’s been in government for — what, 30 years? — has no clue.

Lester tells us that race relations are bad. If they are, it’s because the media told us it is.

Boy…what a dumb move. I think most Americans would support “stop and frisk.”

Which is it, Hillary? Is the black community vibrant or beset by “gun violence”? Which is it?

I think Donald’s wrong there … That “no fly, no buy” is a bad idea.

I wonder if Donald was told the phrase “stop and frisk” would poll well, he’s saying it a LOT. It worked great in NYC.

“A long record of engaging in racist behavior?” Did Hillary really say that about Trump?

That’s a red herring. George W. Bush signed the status of forces agreement, but Obama made damn sure we got out of Iraq no matter what would come. They could have stayed.

Totally correct. NATO should be re-examined AND they need to pay their bills.

Sniper fire in Bosnia, Hillary?

Nuclear weapons is the number one threat? I though libs thought it was global warming or microaggressions.

I wish Trump would bring up what she’s said about people …

Well … I think Trump did just fine. He won’t lose a single voter because of that debate.