Dems To Hillary: ‘Shut The F**k Up And Go Away!’

Hillary Clinton is obsessed with her loss last November. She’s touring the country about it, giving speeches and interviews about it and has even written a book called What Happened, re-litigating the election loss.

It’s enough that even her staunchest supporters are wishing she would go away. And they don’t mince words.

In the book, Clinton blames all sorts of people and circumstances for her loss, but she takes great pains to blast Bernie Sanders for doing “lasting damage” to her campaign and “paving the way” for Trump’s attacks on Hillary for being “crooked.” She even takes potshots at Vice President Joe Biden for criticizing her campaign strategy.

While she has repeatedly said “The Buck Stops Here,” she always couches it with criticism of someone or something. Since her loss, she has blamed former FBI Director James Comey, Russian meddling, “deplorable” Americans, coverage of the email scandal, the “Fake news,” bad info from the Democratic National Committee (which was totally in the tank for her), and outright sexism.

In interviews with The Hill, her former allies were sick and tired of her for appearing to “settle the score” while the entire party is just trying to look to the future.

“The best thing she could do is disappear,” said one former Clinton fundraiser and surrogate described as having an active role at the party’s convention. “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the fuck up and go away.”

“None of this is good for the party,” said one former Obama aide. “It’s the Hillary Show, 100 percent. A lot of us are scratching our heads and wondering what she’s trying to do. It’s certainly not helpful.”

And, folks … those are Hillary’s supporters. Her detractors – the Democrats who backed Bernie – are seething.

The book threatens to once again anger Sanders’s energetic base, many of whom have already been alienated from the Democratic Party after emails released by Russian-backed hackers showed Democratic National Committee staffers opposed Sanders’s bid during the primary. Since the election, Sanders’s supporters and most prominent surrogates have frequently clashed with what they see as members of a Clinton-tied old guard over the party’s direction in the Trump era.

“Democrats, and all voters, can take a look at the two different visions, ably articulated, by the two Democratic finalists,” said progressive activist and writer Jonathan Tasini.

“One person has been out in the country, almost without stopping, since the election rallying people to defend ObamaCare, against tax cuts for the wealthy and for a $15 minimum wage. The other person, while Trump has been ripping the country apart, has been taking long walks in the woods, drinking chardonnay, hobnobbing with celebrities and writing a book that entirely ignores the failure of the party establishment over a decade or two. People can choose which kind of party they prefer.”

If you haven’t had enough of Hillary on the “not-my-fault” tour, she will be on CBS Sunday morning to discuss her book. Amazingly, it doesn’t come out until Tuesday and it is already the top seller on Amazon.

She will also be on the unwatchable “The View” on Wednesday – so you’ve got that to look forward to.

H/T: The Washington Free Beacon