History Of Immigration in America Summed Up By 4 Brutal Sentences


Speaking of immigration…

Illegal Immigrant Who Won ‘Service Award’ Tells Mexicans To ‘Beat The S***’ Out Of White People — by Robert Gehl

Juan Prieto received the school’s Robert J. and Mary Cathering Birgeneau award for service to “undocumented students.”

Just two days later, he tweeted: “Let’s celebrate 5 de Mayo by going to Dolores Park and beating the shit out of white people, in the spirit of La Batilla de Pueblo.”

juan prieto tweet

He quickly made his account private – because apparently, award-winning illegal aliens are also chickenshits.

The Battle of Puebla – which is commemorated by Cinco De Mayo – is a famous battle in Mexican history when the outnumbered and outgunned Mexican Army defeated French occupiers in 1862.

Prieto is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill humanitarian. His twitter profile claims that he is an “atheist, because heaven has a border, and f**k borders.” He also has the hashtag #FuckLaMigra and the Communist hammer-and-sickle icon.

When The Daily Caller contacted Prieto for comment, he was dismissive and said that they were just trying to get him bullied for calling on Mexicans to beat the shit out of white people.”

“It’s Twitter,” he said. “I post dumb shit on Twitter all the time. Aha. But I see how this fits into your agenda, and no matter what I say, you’ll write your article so that I continuously get threats for the next two weeks until white supremacist [sic] have another person of color to attempt to silence via virtual bullying.”

Prieto should know better … he’s the “social media coordinator” for the college’s “Undocumented Student Program,” which provides academic help, legal services and financial aid to illegal immigrant students.

When he accepted his award from the school, he spent his brief speech advocating for allies (presumably the white people he wants to beat the shit out of?) to join with his movement.

“My mom broke legal bounds to get me here,” stated Prieto, “and that’s what we need allies to be doing.”

“I need you to break laws with us. Break the legal bounds, untie your hands because tied hands are not going to get us anywhere.”