Home Depot Makes Big Announcement on Jobs: Plan to Add 80,000 By This Spring

The jobs boom after the election of President Donald Trump just keeps on rolling, as the Home Depot announced that they plan to add 80,000 jobs — potentially as soon as this spring.

Breitbart reported:

After revamping its online application process, the hardware and home improvement supply company announced plans to expand this year, the Staten Island Advance reported […]

Job openings will include customer service and sales, lot associates, receiving, store support, cashier positions, as well as jobs in the Merchandising Execution Team — those responsible for setting up store displays.

The announcement came as part of the company’s new “Behind The Apron” series aimed at telling the stories of employees.

The announcement by Home Depot comes on the heels of a higher than expected jobs report as hiring across the country measures in at its highest level in three years.

On Wednesday the federal government reported that the number of private payrolls increased by 298,000 in February, well above the original forecast of 187,000. January also saw levels of hiring revised upward to 261,000 jobs created.

The country has experienced higher growth since Trump took office. Only a day ago, for instance, President Trump praised Exxon Mobil for its plans to hire up to 45,000 new employees in facilities in Texas and Louisiana.

“Applying for a job at the world’s largest home improvement retailer now takes about 15 minutes using any device, thanks to a shorter application and mobile-optimized ‘careers’ site at careers.homedepot.com,” a statement from Home Depot read.

So do you think the mainstream media is going to laud this like they would have if Obama had done it? *chuckles*

This is, of course, great news and piggy backs on the numerous stories of companies hiring more employees, as well as the companies that have brought jobs back here to the states.

Now if the GOP can get it together and get a decent plan going to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that is better than the lite version of it, we’d really be on to something here.

Well, we’ll see what happens with that, but in the meantime, this is great news and hopefully these types of stories keep on rolling in. If Trump sticks to his campaign promises and can wade through the obstruction, they will.