Homeschool SAT Scores Debunk the Money Pit of Public Education


With public schools in complete disarray, it’s probably not surprising that homeschooled kids would do better on standardized testing than the rest of the children – but who knew it was by this much!

New findings show that in critical reading and writing, homeschooled kids trounce children educated in public schools.

The study analyzed the SAT scores from both groups of kids. The average critical reading SAT scores for brick-and-mortar-educated kids was 497, but the homeschooled kids were 70 points higher, at 567, the Foundation for Economic Education is reporting.

There were similar results in the writing portion of the test. The traditional students scored an average of 487 on that section, but homeschooled kids got a 535 – 48 points higher.

They outperformed in the mathematics section too, but only by eight points.

This flies in the face of the leftist media narrative – that homeschooled kids are dumber and ill-prepared for the real world. But public schools by and large are a disaster – not focusing on the basics and instead trying to indoctrinate our children with concepts like “white privilege” and “Common Core math.”

And the trend has been downward in public schools for decades, as this chart from Bloomberg demonstrates:

sat scores reading

Because of plummeting trends like these, testing industries like the SAT have sought to make their exams easier because so many students are struggling to get decent scores.

But if young homeschool students don’t seem to be having any trouble with the exams – and even seem to be achieving historically high scores – is it really a good idea lower the SAT bar?

Is it possible that traditional schools are failing to impart the well-rounded course of knowledge which their students need in order to keep up with the homeschooled ones?