This Real Life Army Ranger Sniper’s Response to Michael Moore Calling Him a “Coward” is PERFECT!

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You have probably heard by now that Michael Moore, hater of Capitalism but a BIG beneficiary of it, has opened his big mouth again and called snipers, cowards.  The cowardly piece of crap that never served a day in the military to protect this country nor appreciates those who DO and do it so he can keep opening his big, fat useless mouth absolutely shamed himself.

But a real-life sniper who actually fought for this country, responded in the classiest way he could.  Once again proving that slime like Michael Moore are the bottom feeders of the world.

From The Blaze:

Filmmaker Michael Moore got called out by a real American sniper on Monday after he claimed snipers are “cowards” and “aren’t heroes.”

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Nick Irving told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that Moore didn’t deserve a response from him, but he offered one anyway.

“I don’t think he deserves the breath that I’m about to give,” he said. “But I’ll just say, Michael Moore, he wasn’t there in Afghanistan and last time I checked he’s never shot anybody with a scoped rifle. So I don’t think he deserves the breath that comes out of me right now.”

Sgt. Nick was referring to the following tweet by Michael Moore:

Watch Nicks entire statement here: