How Barack Obama Conspired With An Enemy To Undermine U.S. Foreign Policy

Democrats, as always, are scrambling in an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.

This time around, they’re targeting representatives of President Trump’s campaign. Why? Because they communicated with Russia.

Despite the fact “those communications were 100% appropriate”, Democrats are quick to call this a scandal.

Just this week, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech in Las Vegas and claimed in 8 years of the Obama presidency, there was no scandal.

No scandal, Joe? I beg to differ.

This may just be an issue of semantics.

But call it what you will–conspiracy, deception. The Obama presidency was certainly embroiled in scandal.

The 2008 Bush Administration attempted negotiations with Iran. But, no dice. Why?

The Bush administration’s main “objective was to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons” but the negotiations floundered because Iran would not address nor compromise on the issue of enriching uranium.

Or, at least that is what we believed.

As Powerline Blog explains:

The Iranians held firm to their position, perhaps because they knew that help was on the way, in the form of a new president. Barack Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3. At some point either before or after that date, but prior to the election, he secretly let the Iranians know that he would be much easier to bargain with than President Bush.

How would the Iranians know that Obama “was a friend of the Islamic Republic”?

Because that is what Obama’s people told them. According to Michael Leeden’s article in PJ Media:

During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies. The secret channel was Ambassador William G. Miller, who served in Iran during the shah’s rule, as chief of staff for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and as ambassador to Ukraine. Ambassador Miller has confirmed to me his conversations with Iranian leaders during the 2008 campaign.

So, Obama interfered with State negotiations before he was even president?!

He told mullahs “not to make a deal until he assumed the presidency, when they would make a better agreement.”

And guess what? That is what happened.

Maybe Biden was right…

Obama engaged in scandal before he even became president!