How Liberal Media Reacted To 2 Different News Stories This Month Shows Why You Can’t Trust Them


Robert Gehl reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center is busy compiling lists of hate crime committed in the name of Donald Trump.

One problem is that they rarely verify the reports and once these supposed “hate crimes” go up in their statistics, they stay there.

Like the string of swastikas that were spray-painted around Nassau Community College between October and December. Someone spray-painted the symbol of the Nazi Party, along with “KKK” and the words “Germany” and “Heil Hitler.”

Of course, the local media hyperventilated about the incident, calling it a hate crime and blaming Trump supporters. The Long Island Press reported on Dec. 9:

Although three of the incidents occurred before Nov. 8, the latest discovery has further troubled minority and Jewish groups amid a surge of hate crimes across the country following the election of Donald Trump.

Of course, it was a hoax. This week, police arrested Jasskirat Saini for committing the vandalism. He was charged with Aggravated Harrassment and is believed to be responsible for at least 110 other anti-Semitic drawings on campus.


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This is just the latest hoax to be exposed. Just Thursday, we exposed a black church in Mississippi that was sprayed with “Vote Trump” and set ablaze – by one of its own parishioners.


There’s no doubt that there are a small group of racist nitwits who feel emboldened by Trump’s over-the-top rhetoric about immigrants and Muslims and feel the need to harass or commit violent acts. But there are also a slew of fake reports that get equal media attention. The Daily Caller has just a few examples:

  • An openly bisexual senior at North Park University claimed she was the recipient of a homophobic note and hateful emails following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. But the school president has reported the notes were “fabricated.”

    Taylor Volk said she found a note taped to her door that read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” and included homophobic slurs following the election, as well as several anonymous emails with similar messages. She reported the messages on her Facebook, and spoke to the press about the incidents. “I just want them to stop,” she told NBC News last week.

    Volk also said she was confident the school would investigate. Indeed, the university’s president announced Tuesday the notes were a hoax, and that Volk is no longer enrolled at the university.

  • In a widely-shared Facebook post, an Asian student at the University of Minnesota claimed she was harassed by a white male as she was walking across a bridge in Minneapolis. The man told her to “go back to Asia,” Kathy Mirah Tu said in the post. She ignored him and kept walking across the bridge, but says he followed her and added: “Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?” He then allegedly grabbed her wrist, and she responded by punching him in the throat.

    Tu claims the man called the police and accused her of assaulting him, and that police handcuffed her and checked her criminal background before letting her go with a warning. Both the local and university police departments released statements contradicting Tu’s narrative, however, saying they have no record of the confrontation she described. Tu did not respond to requests for comment from a local paper regarding her story, and has apparently deleted her Facebook account.

  • A Muslim woman, 18, faces criminal charges in Louisiana over a fake story she told police. The unnamed woman claimed she was attacked and robbed by two white men near the University of Louisiana Lafayette campus. The men yelled racial slurs and stole both her wallet and her hijab in the alleged attack. She also told police one of them was wearing a Trump hat.

    The woman later admitted to the Lafayette Police Department she fabricated the story, and the incident is no longer under investigation. She will now be charged with filing a false report.

  • Chris Ball, a gay Canadian filmmaker alleged he was assaulted by Trump supporters on election night in Santa Monica, Calif. The Trump supporters hurled gay slurs at him while he was watching the results come in at a bar, he claims, then followed him out of the bar at the end of the night and assaulted him in an alleyway. Ball posted a photo of himself covered in blood in an Emergency Room as evidence, saying the attackers smashed a beer bottle on his head.

    “We got a new president you fucking faggots,” they told him, according to Ball.

    He did not provide the name of the bar or the location of the attack, and his story has not been substantiated. The Santa Monica Police Department put out a statement saying they received no information indicating the alleged crime occurred, and that a check of local hospitals revealed no victim of any such incident was admitted or treated in the hospital.

These idiotic and criminal acts are doubly stupid. They take attention from the (relatively few) genuine hate-filled acts and make any genuine claims of bias or hatred the subject of scrutiny.

Violence, bigotry and hatred should never be tolerated. But if you have to make it up to prove your point, you’re proving the opposite.