How Liberals And The Media Play ‘March Madness’ [CARTOON]


C.E. Dyer reports a reporter from RealClearPolitics found out the hard way that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is not going to bow down to pressure from the media to obey their establishment order.

Spicer called on Alexis Simendinger, who used the time to ask him to call on a New York Times reporter: “Could you help us all by calling on Peter right now? Could you call on the New York Times, please?”

Isn’t this about getting questions answered? Isn’t it about the American people getting the information that they need?

Not to the left-wing mainstream media. To them, this is all about maintaining the power to implement their radical agenda, and apparently RCP, like others before it, is desperate to be a part of that group. Not sure why, but they wouldn’t be the first.

Spicer responded: “I actually call the questions, Alexis. If you don’t want to ask your question, I can call on somebody else. Thank you.”

Thank you! This is how, in my opinion, Spicer should handle the press. Don’t let them dictate how things go, and if they insist, as they often do, on disrespectfully interrupting while he tries to answer, don’t answer their questions and move on to someone else.

If they want to ask gotcha questions, as they regularly do, move on to someone else.

The mainstream media is nothing more, by and large, than a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, and their actions now, especially as compared to the past eight years, out them as such.

Not only is the MSM panicking over their stranglehold on the media being rapidly loosened, they are also butthurt about by their elitist order not only being questioned, but upended.

The Trump administration has made a point of reaching out to other outlets oft snubbed by the previous administration, which makes the MSM bristle as it evidences that they aren’t the only game in town, and that, in fact, others do a much better job — which isn’t hard to do since the MSM has thrown over their job in favor of spreading fake news and propaganda.

This ruins their garbage narrative that they are the only true representatives of the fourth estate and that without them, democracy dies!

The MSM meltdown really is entertaining to watch, and I hope that Spicer and the administration continue to recognize other outlets and end the monopoly the left-wing fake news purveyors have on the media.

H/T BizPac Review