How Long Are Liberals Going to Ignore The Obvious: We Are At War With Radical Islam

islamic terrorism

We have a long and growing list of examples of radical Islamic terror hitting western targets, including some right here inside the U.S.A. Yet we continue to see liberals in the west absolving Islam of responsibility for these acts of outrage. It causes many to wonder just when our leaders are going to admit it: we are at war.

This is the question Fox News commentator and National Security Analyst K.T. McFarland asked in an excellent editorial this week.

In her op ed, McFarland reminded readers that just in the last two years we’ve seen the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris in 2015 as well as more recent attacks in the same city, not to mention the attack responsible for killing over a dozen in our own state of California, all of which must be added to the attack in Brussels. McFarland could have also recalled the Boston Marathon Bombing, attacks in Britain, Turkey, Russia, and a slew of other countries. To McFarland’s mind it all adds up to “proof that radical Islam has spread throughout” the west.

McFarland went on to put the problem in the most logical language: “Global Islamist jihad is at war with all of Western civilization.”

How can anyone dispute this pure fact?

McFarland goes on saying, “President Obama and other Western leaders may not see it as a war, but the other side does. Left largely unchecked over the last seven years, radical Islam has exploded worldwide. According to the head of Europol, 5,000 Europeans have traveled to Syria and Iraq to train and fight with ISIS, and they’ve since returned to Europe. They are sleeper agents setting up sleeper cells.”

Worse, as Obama and his liberal cohorts in Europe have slept the slumber of political correctness, McFarland warns that “A guerrilla army has invaded Europe.”

She also makes a perfectly logical point about Muslims in general. Of course not all of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are radicalized, terrorists. No one is saying they are. “But even if just 10 percent of 1 percent are radicalized,” she notes, “that’s a staggering 1.6 million people bent on destroying Western civilization and the values we hold dear.”

Of course this is right. Obama and his minions are walking around with their heads in the clouds pretending the “religion of peace” is wholly innocuous in this age of global jihad. But this ignores the stark numbers. The fact is, millions of Muslims have decided to accept the role as enemies to all westerners. Certainly not “all” of anything is bad and it is of course true that not every Muslim is a terrorist. But the sheer numbers alone without a doubt means Islam is a major threat to the world. Believing otherwise is simply fantasy.

“We have been one step behind this enemy for years,” McFarland laments. “We’re still tongue-tied by political correctness, while they’re setting off bombs at train stations, airports and community centers.”

She goes on:

We are losing this war. Our losses grow greater every day, while terrorists recruit off the images of the West’s most innocent and vulnerable fleeing in horror. The hour is already late to defeat this growing scourge. But if we are to defeat radical Islam, it will be only with a multifaceted, comprehensive strategy that calls on all the aspects of the national power of ourselves and our allies – like we summoned to defeat the Nazis in World War II or the Communists in the Cold War.

From there McFarland lays out a series of steps the nation needs to take in order to fight “the most virulent, lethal, apocalyptic death cult in history.”

Her policy suggestions are all fine points and she hits the right note by reminding readers that the U.S.A. is “the one essential nation” in this fight against radical Islam. But McFarlnd doesn’t stop there and ends her piece exhorting Americans to think about these issues as they go to the polls both in the primaries and the upcoming general election as the nation gears up to choose its next president.

“So my fellow citizens,” McFarland says in closing, “take your responsibilities to heart. Examine the candidates, make the right choices. This time we’re choosing more than a president to govern for four years. We’re choosing a president who will lead not just America but all of civilization to fight, and win, the war against the most virulent, lethal, apocalyptic death cult in history.”