How to Solve Problem of Illegal Immigration in 30 Seconds, Or Less… [OP-ED]

What presidential administrations have viewed as an unsolvable quagmire, a bipartisan effort could end almost immediately.

Illegal immigration could be put to a virtual halt–both those entering and who currently live in the United States–if we do one thing: crackdown on the employment of illegals.

Instead of building walls or hiring more border agents, the Trump administration should put that money towards cracking down on illegal employers.

According to an op-ed in the New York Times:

President Trump began his campaign assailing immigrants as ruthless lawbreakers who steal American jobs with impunity… His administration has been largely silent, however, about the strongest magnet that has drawn millions of immigrants, legal and not, to the United States for generations: jobs.

American employers continue to assume relatively little risk by hiring undocumented immigrants to perform menial, backbreaking work, often for little pay. Meanwhile, as Mr. Trump’s deportation crackdown accelerates, families are being ripped apart, and communities of hard-working immigrants with deep roots in this country are gripped by fear and uncertainty. As long as employers remain off the hook, a border wall and an expanded dragnet can only make temporary dents in the flows of undocumented immigrants…

…Employer enforcement has been spotty, giving rise to the institutionalization of a wink-and-nod approach to hiring unauthorized workers. The government has sanctioned and prosecuted relatively few employers, because proving that employers willfully hired undocumented workers is hard and because powerful industries have pushed back on initiatives to hold employers accountable.

In essence, we are attempting to rid the weeds in our yard by cutting off the top of dandelions. We need to get to the root of the problem and that is the massive number of jobs available to illegal immigrants because no one is enforcing otherwise.

“Barring that form of comprehensive reform,” according to the New York Times editorial board, “American taxpayers will continue bankrolling an expensive, heartless crackdown on immigrants for years on end. Meanwhile, employers will continue to quietly reap the benefits of immigrant labor while looking the other way.”

What an idea. Part of the reason that so many people come to the United States illegally is to find work. However, having an entire shadow class of people here is not a good thing.

By removing the incentive, where people who violate immigration law can find work, it will drastically cut down on those who come to the U.S. illegally.

If they want to come here legally to work, please do! But those who violate our laws should not be able to reap rewards because of it. It’s really a no-brainer.