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Via Robert Gehl:

By year’s end, it’s likely the number of civilians shot and killed by police will top 1,000.

This sounds like a huge number, but without any background it doesn’t mean anything.

That’s why “Black Lives Matter” and their trope-using liberal followers aren’t interested in the data – because it destroys their narrative.

Their narrative – of unarmed black men being indiscriminately slaughtered – is destroyed once you expose the who and why people are killed by police.

If they really cared about “Black lives,” they would tell the African-American community to do two things: Stop when police tell you to stop and for the love of God, don’t wield your gun at officers.

The Washington Post broke down the numbers: Of 965 shootings as of Dec. 24, 564 – or 58 percent – were armed with a gun. Another 281 – or 29 percent – were armed with some other weapon; a knife, baseball bat, whatever.

That’s 845 fatal shootings out of 965, or 88 percent. If people would put down their weapon when told to, it might save hundreds of lives.

Of the total, more than one-quarter were mentally ill or suicidal.

Unarmed Black men – the folks that BLM claims police are murdering across the country – account for less than 4 percent of fatal police shootings. About 40. Forty.

Of the millions of times Black men are stopped by police or have some other sort of interaction, fewer than 40 are shot and killed by law enforcement and unarmed. Many of those, like Michael Brown, are deemed “justified” despite being unarmed.

Black Lives Matter knows this. Yet their rhetoric is against the police, not the gun-wielding thugs who are causing all this mayhem. They’re more focused on “frying up cops” like bacon and demonizing, taunting and humiliating them. From PowerLineBlog:

Meanwhile, some police departments have decided to rewrite the rules on chasing suspects who flee. Officers are called upon, instantaneously and under pressure, to apply what the Post calls “complex matrices” before deciding to chase. If their application of the matrices is second-guessed by folks with hours to spend on the task, they can lose their job and face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, criminals will escape. The Post reports that Cynthia Lum, a criminologist at George Mason University, reviewed 33 studies of pursuit policies. She found, not surprisingly, that tightening the rules on pursuing suspects led to more crime.

This represents an aspect of the Ferguson effect. We are expected to tolerate more crime because an element in our society is willing to obey basic rules.