Huckabee-Sanders Puts an End to Major Trump Admin “Scandal”

American Urban Radio Network’s White House correspondent April Ryan created the “piegate” scandal back in November after White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted pictures of pies she’d made for Thanksgiving online.

Ryan insisted that Sanders “show it to us on a table.”

How interesting that “folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie” after Ryan made her bizarre accusation. Ryan tries to pass this off as being funny. #fakepies is an obvious play on fake news. But “piegate” had some truly loyal followers, who actually believed Ryan’s claims.

Twitter soon exploded with further accusations against Sanders’s cooking skills.

Here’s just a taste of the latest examples:

Whatever Ryan’s intentions were, the following that resulted seemed to legitimately believe her claims.

Accusing Sanders of faking her pies is insane. It’s not like Sanders claimed to build a rocket ship in her backyard. She said she made some pies.

Pies are so easy to make, a sleepwalker could probably wake up to several already in the oven.

Accusing the White House Press Secretary of fraudulent pie making and demanding video is like claiming Sanders is faking her nose, demanding video of a sneeze.

Nevertheless, Sanders finally put an end to the “scandal” on Wednesday.

Sanders finished up her ‘evidence’ with the final results.

Ryan said she can’t wait to see them, but she “won’t be eating.”

So it’s settled.

Ryan successfully started a vast conspiracy movement that came to a screeching halt less than a month later.

H/T: The Washington Free Beacon