HuffPo Contributor: Voting For Trump Is A Hate Crime


A contributor for the Huffington Post has totally lost it, and wrote an article stating that voting for Donald Trump in the Presidential election was a hate crime.

Since the results of the election were announced, the unexpected win for Trump has set off all sorts of Leftist panic and breakdowns. Protests are currently sweeping the country, and riots have broken out in several cities (ironically, in places that were dominated by Hillary Clinton, but that’s none of my business).

But now, what we have is not merely protesting the results of the election, but a claim that literally voting for Trump was a hate crime.

As HuffPo Contributor Cathy Renna wrote:

We are all still reeling from the shock of the election results. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote yet we now must brace ourselves for a Trump Administration. The more I think about it and see the reactions from all sides, the more this feels like the aftermath of an attack ― a literal attack ― on our communities.

The groups that those “deplorables” love to hate and feel threatened by are now under attack: LGBT people, people of color, women, Muslims, the disabled and many others. This election was a hate crime. Not physical but psychological, and one that may well lead to legal and physical manifestations that would very much be categorized as hate crimes.

But does calling this vote a hate crime sound extreme? Not if you look at the definition. A hate crime is one motivated by prejudice, fear or intolerance toward an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

I fear for all those who are now clearly in the crosshairs of hatred. I fear for allies who will speak up and protest a Trump regime and all it may bring. I fear we will be hearing about more than bumper sticker vandalism. I fear.

What we’ve got here is a serious case of projection turned into propaganda. This is a case where this writer, and many, many on the Progressive Left are creating a fantasy in their minds about what will come from a Trump Presidency, and imagine that his supporters are going to become the next Hitler Youth or Brown Shirts that will carry out new Kristallnacht acts as soon as he drops the word.

But that’s simply not the case, and it shows that the Left has learned absolutely nothing from the election. It shows that their utopian visions and figments of the imagination dominate their minds when it comes to politics, and anyone who does not buy into this kind of narrative is automatically labeled as racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, etc. etc. etc. (I’ve had it myself, though I didn’t support Trump).

This was not an election determined by tens of millions of KKK members. In fact, it was quite the opposite. As Michael Moore pointed out, many of those who voted for Trump had voted for Obama during his campaigns.

Millions of them voted for Obama. Millions. But after eight years of change, turmoil, and lost hope, they had enough. They rejected the Progressive Left’s promises of government created utopia, because they saw it as nothing more than government induced vomiting.

Now, of course, Trump has a great many character issues, and that’s not something to be discounted. His “locker room talk” shouldn’t simply be excused because he’s on the Republican ticket. It’s wrong because it is wrong to talk about women that way.

However, the idea that all of his supporters have the same mentality towards women is simply nonsensical. If you ask Trump supporters why they voted for him, it’s not about racism or bigotry or sexism. It’s about Making America Great Again (according to exit polls taken on election day).

Even the Los Angeles Times had to admit that this narrative is simply untrue. After holding dozens and dozens of conversations with Trump supporters, they found that the racist label was simply a farce. Voters felt that Trump could bring change, and they were sick and tired of living with an out of touch political class in the Capitol Beltway.

Donald Trump seemed to be the answer for them, where Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same, if not worse.

Not to mention the fact that Hillary Clinton was owned and funded by regimes that literally EXECUTE people for being gay or believing in another religion other than Islam. And the Left thinks that she cares about defending the rights of LGBT people?

Or even the rights of Christians?

How’s that for being a bigot?

H/T Louder With Crowder