Hundreds of Anti-Trump Rioters Just Got Very Bad News


Remember the organized turds anti-Trump rioters that took to the streets of Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day? Well, 214 of them just got a swift dose of law and order as they have been indicted on felony rioting charges for their actions.

CNN reported:

On the morning of January 20, protests over Donald Trump’s inauguration turned violent when black-clad “anti-fascist” protesters smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police.

Officers responded by launching smoke and flash-bang devices into the street to disperse the crowds. Six police officers were injured and 230 protesters were arrested that day.

On Tuesday, a grand jury in DC charged five individuals. This was in addition to the 209 other defendants who’ve been indicted on rioting charges earlier this month.

Felony rioting carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

The indictment accuses the defendants of using a tactic called “Black Bloc” in which people conceal their identities with dark or black clothing and accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, helmets and masks.

They assaulted a limousine driver, smashed windows of local businesses, destroyed a government vehicle and committed “violent and destructive acts,” according to the indictment.

The DC Police had said that the several hundred demonstrators who actively confronted officers were vastly outnumbered by the thousands of nonviolent protesters who swarmed the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day and the Women’s March, held the day after.

If conservatives rioted like these Antifa thugs did, do you think that the liberal mainstream media would bend over backwards to make sure that they noted how there were so many more “nonviolent protesters?”

I don’t think so and that is precisely why President Trump was right when he said that the media has become an enemy of the American people.

Anyway, beside that, it’s good to see these thugs get caught and indicted. Now we’ll see if they actually receive an adequate punishment for their crimes.