Hundreds Protest Building of Border Wall in Texas

Hundreds of protesters are marching in Mission, Texas near a Rio Grande levee where President Trump proposes one of the first sections of a border wall be built.

Those opposed to President Trump’s plans for building a border wall marched to spread awareness of their cause.

The Associated Press reports:

Many of the protesters acknowledged they might not be able to stop a project that the U.S. government is already planning, even though Congress hasn’t yet signed off on funding. But they hoped to draw national attention to the cause and persuade lawmakers who have yet to vote on the proposal.

The initial group set out Saturday morning and ended up in La Lomita, a hundred-year-old cathedral just south of the levee.

The protest grew well into the hundreds as they marched.

The Associated Press continues:

The procession set out just after dawn from Our Lady of Guadalupe, a church in the border city of Mission. The procession grew as it headed south toward the Rio Grande. It ended at La Lomita, a tiny century-old chapel just south of the levee, but still north of the border.

[…] Hundreds of people are marching in South Texas toward the Rio Grande to oppose the wall the U.S. government wants to build on the river separating Texas and Mexico.

Led by an altar boy carrying an incense holder, the procession set out after dawn Saturday toward La Lomita chapel in Mission. The border town would be the target of new barrier construction under the Trump administration’s current plan.

About 60 miles of wall are slated to be built in the area. reports that some 40 groups combined in the protest, among them immigrant advocates opposed to tighter security against illegal crossings and environmentalists who oppose the wall being built through certain sections of wildlife reserves.

Are these groups moving from cathedral to cathedral going to “persuade lawmakers” with signs on sticks?

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