SHOCK: ICE Director Reveals Extent Of Illegal Problem…It’s BAD

President Donald Trump’s acting ICE director floored the audience at a press briefing when he announced there could be as many as 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.

No matter what the number, acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said that every one of them is on notice that they could be deported – except the ones covered by Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegals who arrived as children.

Homan said that ho illegal should be “comfortable” in this country.

“One thing President Trump did with the executive orders is he took the handcuffs off of officers. Now they can enforce the laws enacted by Congress,” Homan told The Daily Caller. “The executive orders could’ve been written in one sentence: ‘You are now allowed to enforce the law as written.’ There’s been a lot of people off the table. Now there’s no population off the table anymore.”

During a briefing, he said there are as many as “11 million to 2 million immigrants living in the United States.

“Like everybody else, I see studies and reports, and 11-12 million is the steady number I’ve seen. Could it be higher? It probably could be,” Homan said Tuesday. When asked if the government should look more into what that figure actually is, Homan replied, “I think the more information we have, the better off we are. If there’s somebody that wants to look into that, then I support that.”

As a candidate, Trump he said that the feds have “no idea” how many illegal immigrants live in the country – it could be 3 or 30 million, he said.

At least 66,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested under Trump. Last year, Hoffman said that as many as 400,000 per year could face deportation.

The Daily Caller reported in May about how some individuals won’t have their first hearing in immigration court until 2021. The average waiting time in immigration cases is 670 days. The Trump administration, specifically Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is supportive of hiring new immigration judges.

Homan also addressed the plummet in border apprehensions during the Trump administration. Border apprehensions, which is the most commonly used figure to determine border crossings, reached a 17-year low in April. “That is directly related to this President and his policies and executive orders,” the acting director said.