IDIOT Liberal Tweet About Christians v. Muslims Gets Absolutely DESTROYED

Regan Pifer writes you can’t pull the wool over the Bishop of Cordoba’s eyes.

Bishop Demetrio Fernández González sees exactly what is going on in Southern Spain…a merging of Muslims and the political left in an attempt to “wrest control of a cathedral from the Catholic Church.”

According to The New York Post:

González said: “For eight centuries we have lived peacefully with the cathedral in Catholic hands.”

“But right now, the idea the Muslims have had, this dream that they’ve had to somehow take back the cathedral, is being helped by the political left.”

“So it is a kind of alliance coming in from the left.

“The politicians realize that the cathedral is the property of the Church, but what they would like is for it to become public property.”

“So it would be a type of expropriation.”

The site in question started as a “Christian church dedicated to Saint Vincent the third.”

It was seized, however, in 711 by the Moors and transformed into a mosque.

More than 500 years later, “during the Spanish Reconquista by King Ferdinand III of Castile” the mosque was seized and “converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral.”

And now political and religious opponents of the Catholic church want to “reverse the Reconquista.”

It seems the political left will use whatever vehicle they can to seize more property as public property.