Why Idiot Liberals Love The ‘White Privilege’ Excuse

Kimberly Morin writes there is no better way to keep a segment of society down than to continually tell them they are victims.

Pushing the perception of victimization of people who are in the minority is the best way to keep them believing they aren’t good enough on their own merits and therefore need the government to somehow intervene on their behalf (see affirmative action as one example). It’s amazing these white left-wing elitists don’t even grasp how incredibly racist, sexist, and bigoted they actually are when they make ridiculous claims about “privilege.”

Here is yet another example from the Ivory Tower Toolbox that shows just how deep the -isms run on college campuses, as reported by The Daily Caller:

A test administered at a health care college asserted that being able to afford housing constitutes “white privilege,” The College Fix reported Thursday.

“‘If I can move, I can be pretty sure that I can rent or purchase housing in an area that I can afford and in which I want to live.’ This is an example of ___,” read the question.

The course listed “white privilege,” “heterosexual privilege,” “male privilege,” and “Christian privilege” as responses, designating “white privilege” as the correct answer.

Privilege is “power given to people through cultural assumptions and stereotypes,” according to the textbook, which also says that “Whites, males, heterosexuals, middle-class people, and others enjoy the convenience of not being aware of their privileged state.”

So if power is given to people based on cultural assumptions, continuing to assume others aren’t powerful based on their sex, race, socio-economic status, and religions is doing what exactly? This is once again more worship to the victimhood god.

When are these egg-head elitists going to realize that everyone in the United States can achieve whatever they set their minds to regardless of race, religion, sex, or socio-economic status?

That was actually rhetorical; these people don’t want minority groups to achieve great things. If they did, they wouldn’t have victims to worship at their altar.