Idiot Snowflakes Post DUMBEST Warning to Trump Supporters EVER


Watch out, you guys — the liberal snowflakes are coming! I know, things just got super serial and I’m so scared of the Play-Doh-toting, safety-pin-wearing, participation-trophy-waving, anti-Second-Amendment tools that burn garbage cans. My money is on pro-Second Amendment Trump supporters … just a hunch.

The warning above — “A warning to Trump supporters who call Progressives ‘snowflakes'” — came from none other than the OccupyDemocrats page.

Anywho, take a look at this sign:


You’ve got to love the flouncy lettering too on the snowflakes’ sign that read: “I am a snowflake and together we are an avalanche.”

Oh noes! I think there might be some infighting as to who is the most special-est before for the avalanche gets underway…


What’s so laughable about this is that I’d dare say Trump supporters are well aware of the damage that the regressive left has done, is doing, and can do to our society.

We’ve seen it, and the left’s destructive and dangerous failures policies were repudiated in 2016.

I wonder if the leftist riots we saw over the weekend are what they meant when they said “winter is coming”?