If Hillary Clinton is a Feminist, I’m a Closet Liberal [OP-ED]

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As a woman, I am so sick and tired of hearing about how Hillary is a ‘champion’ for women’s rights, about how she is a feminist, and about how much she ‘cares’ about women. If Hillary Clinton is a feminist, I’m a closet liberal, folks.

Why Hillary Clinton thinks that she can get away with these broad stroked, blatant lies, I will never know. How she can defend a predator like her own husband while claiming to stand for women’s rights is a perennial mystery to me – and it’s absolutely sickening.

What about all the women that came forward to say that Bill Clinton raped and abused them?

So, according to Hillary, these women should be heard, right?

hillary women

Guess not. By the way, Shrillary, just because your husband was POTUS does not make him exempt from the law.

Hillary’s Tweet in which she declares that all rape victims deserved to be believed should make you someone who cares, right?

house of lies

Oh, Hillary. I couldn’t write better fiction than the crap that comes out of your mouth. In the audio below from YouTube, Hillary describes how she gets a child rapist off on a technicality – in 1975. The laughter at the situation is most uncomfortably chilling, and can be heard at 4:59-5:00. The audio is captioned for ease of listening:

These are the archived court documents from that case.

The sickest part is, Hillary knew and LAUGHED about her client’s guilt and getting him off the hook years later. Think about the calculated duplicity in this one act, and how many more we don’t know about – and what we DO. It’s shocking.


But what about Paula Jones? Juanita Broaddrick? Kathleen Willey? Eileen Wellstone? Carolyn Moffet? Elizabeth Ward Gracen? Becky Brown? Helen Dowdy? Kathy Ferguson? Christy Zercher? Gennifer Flowers?

They’ve all come forward and said they were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. You know what they got? They got harassed and denigrated by Hillary. They got threatened by the heavy handed private detectives who, it turns out, were hired by none other than Hillary.

The truth is she’s not an advocate for women; she degrades and abuses women.

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How can ANYONE vote for Hillary? TRUTH WINS.

She’s a pathetic, weak woman who can’t answer a simple question about her husband’s infidelity.

A strong woman would have kicked Bill to the curb years ago.

What woman would allow Bill back into the White House? Or Hillary after her vicious attacks on these women? If she is a feminist, sign me up for the nearest moonbat convention and sell every gun in my arsenal. Hell, I may as well throw away my razors and burn my Reagan t-shirts.

Don’t let Hillary tell you what being a woman is about, what being a feminist is about, or really anything. The woman is clueless.

Hillary Clinton is counting on your short memory or lack of knowledge in her run for President.

Don’t be another victim of the Clinton political machine.

Written by Katie McGuire. Send your hate mail to the author at katiefmcguire@gmail.com, or feel free to mean tweet me at @GOPKatie, where I will be sure to do very little about it.