If You Want To Get Shot, Do What These Idiot Teenagers Just Did

This is one of the most incredibly stupid things anyone could ever think of doing. Given the age of technology and the 24/7 news cycle, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would do something this stupid.

Story. A group of teenagers were playing a game they call “assassination.” The problem is, they don’t tell the other people they include in their stupid little game that they are actually playing a game. They targeted one mother who was terrified and had absolutely no idea these were kids or that it was a game. From WZZm 13:

As a senior prank, some students about to graduate from Grand Rapids Christian High School play a game they call “assassination.”  They block a car and shoot the driver, usually another student, with a toy pistol that fires foam bullets.

Last week, the victim was a terrified mother, Nicole Laughlin, on her way to work.

She recalls, “A car darted out in front of me to block my exit, a moment later a man hiding behind some bushes jumped out, grabbed my door handle, held a gun in my window, held the door handle and kept yanking on it.

“I thought my life was in danger.”

Why it matters? These kids are lucky this mother wasn’t carrying. She would have had every right to defend herself with a firearm based on their actions. Even if they directly knew their target but didn’t alert them it was a game, the same thing could happen and one of them could end up dead. Clearly they didn’t think this through.

If you’re going to play a game, be sure everyone playing knows it. This could have turned out really horrible for one of these kids. They should really think before they make bad decisions; even a game could cost their lives.