Illegal Alien Accused of Beheading Mother Has Charges Dropped If Declared Mentally Incompetent

An 18 year-old illegal alien is accused of brutally beheading his mother back in March in North Carolina, but in recent days it became questionable if he would even stand trial for the murder charges. Based on evidence gathered by the state’s medical doctors, the teen has been declared mentally incompetent and will not face trial.

Back on March 7, Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machado was accused of beheading his 35 year-old mother. When he called 911 after committing the act, he admitted the crime.

Dispatcher: “Where is your mother at in the house?”

Machado: “In the kitchen.”

Dispatcher: “Why did you kill your mother?”

Machado: “Because I felt like it.”

When police responded to the call, he was holding a butcher’s knife in one hand, and his mother’s severed head in the other. It’s one of the more horrific crimes that we have reported in recent days.

But despite the brutal nature of the attack, Machado does not appear to be mentally fit to stand for trial. It was anticipated that the judge presiding over the case would declare him so, and that’s exactly what happened, as reported by WNCN North Carolina.

The home where the 35-year-old woman was killed was called a “gruesome scene” by Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead.

The judge’s order says Funes-Machado will be involuntarily committed to a facility in Butner. He is currently being housed in Central Prison.

“The family wanted to see him .. instead of in prison, he deserves to be in a mental hospital because he can get therapy and get the help he needs,” said pastor Danalis Arzola.

Machado’s attorney Boyd Sturges said the judge ruled his client isn’t mentally competent to stand trial.

Machado is not out of the woods yet though. If any point in the future he is declared to be mentally fit, he will be recharged for the crime and will stand trial.

In the days following the brutal murder, ICE confirmed that Machado was in the country illegally. However, he has not been deported since then. He was also a student in the local school system.

Wake County Public Schools confirmed Funes-Machado was a student at Rolesville High School but stopped attending in 2016.

According to Franklin County Schools officials, the teen was enrolled in the school system from Sept. 1, 2016 until Nov. 14, 2016. The official said he was unsure of what grade Funes-Machado was in when he enrolled.

The Charlotte Observer noted that he was just released from a mental health facility just a few days before the murder.

The 18-year-old North Carolina teen accused of beheading his mother with a kitchen knife on Monday has been emotionally troubled for years, according to details uncovered by media outlets in the Franklin County area, 190 miles east of Charlotte.

One family friend claims the teen was released from a mental health facility just a week before the killing.

The family hopes that in the mental institution, he can get the help he needs. But getting that help will likely mean that he will face trial for the crime, if he can be rehabilitated.