Illegal Arrested For Insane Amount of Anti-Trump Vandalism

Before and after the election, the number of anti-Trump incidents of vandalism increased, often with false claims that the vandalism was done by a “racist Trump supporter.”

Typically, the vandalism has all been done by left-wingers who can’t handle a differing viewpoint. One case in Connecticut is no exception.

Story. Apparently, there was a student at the University of Connecticut who was no fan of Donald Trump. So much so that he vandalized the campus with anti-Trump sentiments 103 times. From Fox 61:

A man was arrested in connection with 103 counts of vandalism, many of them directed against President Trump, on the UConn campus.

Eric Cruz-Lopez, 21, of Storrs and Bridgeport, was charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief after a three month investigation into incidents of vandalism in the Homer Babbage Library and other places around campus from December 2016 to March 2017.

Apparently, Cruz-Lopez was writing “F*** Trump” and drawing cartoons around the campus. Police reviewed security cameras, which is how they discovered the criminal.

Illegal alien. According to Fox 61, Cruz-Lopez identifies himself as an “undocumented immigrant”:

FOX61 has interviewed Cruz-Lopez on several occasions where he has described himself as community organizer and an undocumented immigrant. UConn officials said he was no longer enrolled at the school.

In other words, he’s a left-wing hacktivist probably being paid by some organization or another who couldn’t control his impulses.

Why this matters? Once again it shows how intolerant the left is. Trump was elected President and they still cannot handle it. Rather than regroup and figure out their next steps, they are still behaving like petulant children throwing tantrums in a grocery store candy aisle.

In reality, all they are doing is proving to the rest of America exactly why Trump was elected in the first place.