Illegal Immigrant High School Student Charged With Raping, Sodomizing Fellow Student

An illegal alien high school student slated for deportation was arrested for raping a female student in the school bathroom.

Henry Sanchez, 18, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, and 17-year-old Jose Montano, were arrested on rape charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a female student at Rockville High School in Maryland.

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Henry Sanchez

The 14-year-old victim only knew one of the suspects prior to the assault, Fox5DC reports. She was walking with Montano in the school hallway around 9 a.m., when he asked her for sex. When she refused, Montano and Sanchez reportedly forced the girl into the boy’s bathroom and into a stall where they raped and sodomized her, then forced her to perform oral sex. The police report indicates she fought them and repeatedly said no, but was unable to get away.

At one point during the alleged attack, they heard a noise at the bathroom door, according to the charging documents. Shortly after, they threw one of their jackets over the victim’s head, walked her out of the bathroom and left. Blood and other DNA were found by police in the school bathroom.

The girl immediately reported the rape to school officials, who called the police.

The two suspects are being held without bond. “They are charged with three very serious offenses that carry life in prison, so that is the maximum you can get in the state of Maryland,” said Ramon Korionoff, spokesperson for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. “We prosecute criminals. We prosecute the cases as the evidence leads us in those cases and the immigration ramifications are determined at a later point by the proper authorities.”

The two students are recent immigrants to the United States. They were enrolled as freshmen because they were taking English as a Second Language courses. Only Sanchez was the illegal immigrant.

There is now an immigration detainer on Sanchez. He has only been in the country for seven months.