Iranian Agents Infiltrated U.S. To Set Up Polling Place For Iranian Election

Hanging chads was so last decade. We have new voting problems to deal with in the United States.

We not only must worry about the legitimacy of our elections but Iran’s as well.

The Iranian regime is reportedly running polling stations in the United States “ahead of the country’s election on Friday, an effort that appears to violate U.S. laws barring Iranian agents from operating on american soil.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, there are around 50 polling stations like this in the United States. Canada has already shut down theirs.

As Iran gears up to hold its presidential election on Friday—a process critics have described as corrupt—Iranian regime opponents are warning that the polling sites will be staffed by agents of the Islamic Republic. This may be a violation of U.S. laws barring regime officials from traveling across America without explicit permission from the State Department.

Is it against the law for a foreign government to hold an election within the United States? 

According to one State Department official, he said, “there is no general prohibition on voting activities conducted by foreign countries on behalf of their citizens in the United States,” but “foreign governments establishing polling states are expected to carry out election-related activities in the United States in a manner consistent with U.S. law and regulations, and with due respect for the sovereignty and public order of the United States.”

So, something is fishy here, at best.

Is this a new development?

Not according to the president of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran. Kenneth Timmerman said this happened under the Obama presidency as well.

“They have gotten away with it in previous elections because the Obama administration actually instructed the FBI not to do anything about this”, said Timmerman.

He delivered a letter to the White House explaining this situation.

What does this look like for the United States?

“Hundreds of actual paid agents of the Islamic regime operating throughout this country” to help run the Iranian presidential election.

Welp, that’s comforting.