Is Transracial Now a Thing? The Internet Reacts…

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NACCP Spokane President Rachel Dolezal is actually white. The world found out when her parents outed her. The high profile case of someone pretending to be another race has sparked a reaction. Many people have taken to Twitter and social media to declare themselves “transracial.”

Whereas this fringe would have you believe you can choose your gender, there are many now declaring the same is true of race.

Of course, we could only hope liberals do embrace this nonsensical “transracial” concept, because the rest of us are tired of hearing them decry everything as racist.

Actually, now that gender and race are a choice, there should be no more concern about sexism or racism.

Oh, you thought I was an oppressive, white, man? I identify as black woman, you racist!

Here’s a statement that, as a writer, I never thought would be controversial: race and gender are part of your biological makeup.

Thankfully, it appears the majority of the world is still sane enough to understand what this is all about. Most people took to Twitter to mock the controversy with the hashtag #wrongskin.

Take a look: