ISIS Handbook Tells Muslims To ‘Pretend To Be a Christian’ Before Killing


ISIS has issued a handbook for Muslims in the West.

The essence of the instruction booklet is emphasizing the necessity to blend in with the western way of life and to avoid ‘looking like a Muslim’ and pretend to be Christian as to stay under the radar.

Pay close attention. This is the key to understanding the enemy and their tactics.

From Pamela Geller:

The media and the Democrats are deliberately misleading the public. You must educate yourself and those around you. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, email. Build our army. The Islamic State is telling Muslims who plan to go operational not to go to mosque, to shave their beards to act like Christians. And after these monstrous acts of Islamic savagery, the media crows, ‘he stopped going to mosque weeks ago.’ The media all buts sharpens machetes of the jihadis.

We see in many of these acts of jihad whether it’s San Bernardino or Garland, Texas, or the Muslim bombers in Boston, the jihadis are quite devout and go to mosque regularly. Then, suddenly, they alleged stop. It’s hard to know because the mosque frequently lies to cover for their warriors. But know it is not happenstance. It is a war plan to cause great death and destruction in the cause of Allah.

“Pretend to be Christians: ISIS urges UK jihadis to cut beards, shun mosques & wear crosses,” By Leda Reynolds, Express, January 11, 2016 (thanks to Christian): WOULD-BE jihadis eager to carry out a Paris-style attack in the UK have been handed a chilling step-by-step guide by Islamic State (ISIS) thugs.

The booklet, called Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen, offers a chilling insight into the levels of preparation expected of those wishing to cause carnage in Europe. The 58-page terror manual, which has burning western-style buildings on the front cover, gushes about the importance of surprise when launching an attack to cause maximum impact. It urges home-grown terrorists to carry out attacks as they are less likely to be noticed.

It also explains how nightclubs, full of loud music and drunk people, are the perfect place to discuss terror plans without being recorded or snooped on.The main thrust of the instruction booklet is the necessity to blend in with the western way of life and to avoid ‘looking like a Muslim’ so as to stay below the radar of the security services. It has even been translated into English for those in the West who don’t speak Arabic.The introduction says: “No doubt that today, at the era of the lone wolves, brothers in the West need to know some important things about safety in order to ensure success in their operations.

“We thought a lot of non-Arabic speaking brothers would find it interesting and may apply it in their blessed operations.” Readers are urged to wear a Christian cross, splash on the aftershave, cut off beards and even shun prayer meetings and mosques to avoid detection. There is even advice about what jewellery to wear and on which hand to wear a watch.

Potential terrorists are told: “If you can avoid having a beard, wearing qamis, using miswak and having a booklet of dhikr with you, it’s better.“It is permissible for you to wear a necklace showing a Christian cross.“As you know, Christians – or even atheist Westerners with Christian background – wear crosses on their necklaces.“But don’t wear a cross necklace if you have a Muslim name on your passport, as that may look strange.

This is why Trump’s statement of not allowing any more Muslims into the U.S. is so very important. We need to protect our families, friends and way of life. Our children and their children are at stake here.

What people don’t understand is that there is no being “racist” against Islam because it’s a religion/cult, not a race.

Trump is being a realist, which is what we all need to be at such a crucial time for our country. Not all people who claim to be Muslim are terrorists — not even most. But that’s because those “Muslims” aren’t true Muslims — ISIS would cut off their heads in an instant, which is exactly what’s happening in the Middle East.

The true jihadist Muslims will be the end for America if we don’t defend ourselves and fix America’s national security to make sure we aren’t letting in people who are deliberately coming here to kill us and destroy Western civilization.

Keep your head up and eyes open. They’re here and going to finish America by making Muslims seem innocent and Christians be the terrorists.

It’s all part of the plan.