ALERT: ISIS Instructs Supporters to Poison Food At USA Grocery Stores

ISIS’ new tactic is as horrifying as it is deadly.

The SITE Intelligence Group is reporting that the terrorist network’s social media platforms are urging their followers to poison the food in supermarkets with cyanide.

This is something they’ve been preparing for months – using prisoners as “human guinea pigs” and carrying out experiments for targeted attacks in the West.

Documents uncovered in Mosul detail the agonizing deaths of the prisoners, forced to eat the food laced with poisons such as cyanide.

Prisoners had their food or water contaminated with other chemicals too – like this found in easily accessible pesticides. The same method can be used on a larger scale, Newsweek reported, to contaminate food supplies in the west. Now, it appears the call has come out to engage in such an attack.

In one of the experiments, a man was gradually poisoned with thallium sulfate, an odorless, colorless, tasteless toxin. In the ISIS documents, they described it as an “ideal lethal poison.” It was given to the test subject who – over a period of ten days – suffered nausea, fever, swelling of his stomach and brain and eventually an excruciating death.

Another compound – extractable from cigarettes – was injected into the subject, causing him to lose consciousness and die within a matter of hours. The tests mirror the human experiments carried out by the Nazis during World War II.

In recent days, ZeroHedge reports, several social media channels associated with the terrorist group have posted calls to attack Europe, Russia and the U.S. to mark the “Sacrifice Feast” of Eid al Adha. ISIS advised would-be attackers to inject food in grocery stores with cyanide.

While this would likely not cause a massive death toll, the social panic and economic loss would be devastating, as Americans stopped shopping at grocery stores.

“This is a horrifying throwback to the Nazis who would test nerve agents on live humans,” Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a U.K. chemical weapons expert, told The Times of London. “During the Second World War, the Nazis conducted thousands of deadly experiments with mustard gas on prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, near Berlin.”

The discovered report also contained recipes for producing the chemical weapons, which are believed to have been passed on via handbooks to ISIS recruits in the West. The weapons have already been widely deployed by ISIS against Iraqi forces in the group’s stronghold of Mosul. ISIS seized the ancient Iraqi city in 2014 but now controls just a few neighborhoods after being driven out by the Iraqi military.

In other ISIS news, U.S. aircraft are picking off stranded ISIS fighters one at a time as a convoy remains stranded in the Syrian desert.

Eight days ago, a convoy of 17 buses carrying 300 to 500 fighters and their families left the eastern side of the country after a truce was reached between surrendering ISIS fighters and Syrian government forces, which are backed by Hezbollah.

American forces have objected to the treaty and have picked off members of the group who stray too far – either to evade by foot or merely to step out and take a leak.