Israel Announces Its Own Travel Ban; Some Americans Included

The state of Israel now has a travel ban of its own, and it’s sure to outrage the same people who are bitterly opposed to President Donald Trump’s travel ban — albeit for entirely different reasons.

The Daily Caller reports that over the weekend, Israel declared that the members of 20 international organizations that are active members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement (which advocates public and private shunning and disavowal of Israel for supposed mistreatment of Palestinians) will be barred from entering the country:

The BDS movement calls for governments, businesses and individuals to cut ties with Israeli entities, with the aim of forcing Israel to change its policies in the occupied territories. Supporters say the BDS movement uses peaceful means to pressure the Israeli government, but Jerusalem sees it as a strategic threat motivated by anti-Semitic animus against the Jewish state.

The blacklist names groups from the U.S., Europe, Chile and South Africa. The six American organizations include Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a left-wing activist group that “seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem,” according its mission statement.

American pro-Israel groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee have accused JVP of exploiting its status as a Jewish organization to bolster the BDS movement.

Israel’s parliament passed legislation in March 2017 that would deny entry visas to people who publicly support any kind of boycott of Israel or its West Bank settlements. The blacklist announced Sunday, which follows from that measure, identifies groups that are waging “a false propaganda campaign” and “undermining Israel’s legitimacy in the world,” the Interior Ministry said.

“We have moved from defense to attack,” Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan declared in announcing the policy change. “Boycott organizations need to know that Israel will act against them and will not allow [them] to enter its territory in order to harm its citizens.”

He further noted that “No country would allow visitors who arrive to harm the country to enter it, and certainly not when their goal is to wipe out Israel as a Jewish country.”

As TFPP has previously reported, radical left-wing groups aren’t the only ones involved in the movement to ostracize the Middle East’s sole Jewish state and only true democracy. In 2016, the Obama Administration agreed to BDS organizers’ demands that the US Customs and Border Protection service require goods coming here originating from the disputed West Bank territories to be labeled distinctly from goods originating elsewhere in Israel, a step seen as a precursor to a total boycott.

And last fall, we reported that the United Nations — you know, the same United Nations that has no problem putting actual human rights violators on its “human rights” council — had taken to blackmailing private companies that dare to conduct business in the Israeli territory the Palestinians claim ownership of.

This is perfectly appropriate. Why should any nation roll out a welcome mat for foreign nationals who devote so much effort into slandering her and making life harder for her people?