Israel Treats Palestinian For Cancer, Gets Rewarded With Hamas Bomb Smuggling

Palestinian terrorists exploited the good will of the Israeli people in a sick way recently, in yet another example of what Israel faces. Two Palestinian sisters were granted entry into Israel from the Gaza Strip to receive cancer treatments for one of them, and Hamas reportedly took the opportunity to smuggle in bombs intended to strike Israel.

What happened? The Jewish Standard reported:

The explosives, used in the production of homemade bombs, were hidden in tubes carried by the women labeled “medical materials,” the Shin Bet security service said in a statement issued Wednesday evening, hours after the women were stopped at the Erez Crossing.

The sisters were approved for entry into Israel so that one could receive potentially life-saving treatment for her illness.

According to the Shin Bet statement, a preliminary investigation showed that the explosives were sent by Hamas be used in a terrorist attack on Israeli targets in the “near future” […]

The women are being held for questioning.

What it means. The Shin Bet explained that the incident “attests to the ongoing efforts by terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip, especially Hamas, to exploit Israel’s humanitarian initiatives and the medical assistance that it provides to residents of the Gaza Strip, in order to perpetrate attacks in Israel.”

Defense Ministry Crossings Authority Director Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Kamil Abu Rokon released a statement about the incident and praised the Erez Crossing security inspectors for catching the attempt to smuggle bombs into the country.

“To our regret, it has been proven again that Gaza Strip-based terrorists are continuing their efforts to exploit the humanitarian channel in order to carry out attacks in Israel,” the statement read. “The security inspectors acted exactly as expected, with exemplary professionalism.”

Why is this important? There is a great deal of propaganda out there from the left about how terrible Israel is and how put upon the poor Palestinians are, but a dose of the truth reveals a story that is far from that despicable narrative.

Once again, Israel made attempts to help Palestinians and were rewarded with terrorism. Par for the course.