It’s Not College Kids And Concerned Citizens Organizing Anti-Trump Protests – They’re Professionals

If you think the anti-Trump demonstrations raging around the country are merely spontaneous demonstrations by college kids and concerned citizens, think again.

An author and historian says these rallies and riots are well-organized and planned by people who are connected to the Democratic establishment.

Trevor Loudon, who wrote a book about the coming American civil war, was also producer of a documentary called “America Under Siege: 2017 that examines the connections between the so-called “grassroots” groups and liberal establishment figures.

Interviewed by The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Loudon said that there are many in the “resistance” on the political left who espouse a goal of destroying the very fabric of this country. In the film, Theresa Gutierrez of the Workers World Party says: “This is the revolution that will take Donald Trump down and make America a socialist country.”

But destroying the country is a long-term goal. In the short term, he says, they want to “terrorize the squishy Republicans” who are complicit in their acquiescence to leftist policies. They used shadowy, paid protesters and a corrupt media who are aligned with the “Bernie Sanders-Tom Perez-Keith Ellison-Barack Obama” faction and who suddenly found themselves out of power.

They want to bring about disunity in the GOP by using escalating fear and political correctness, he said.

Loudon, contends that if Trump is supposedly soft on the Russians, it seems strange that hardened radical revolutionaries, including many communist and socialist groups, some of which are funded by Putin’s allies, are behind the most vicious and violent protests against Trump.

Loudon is known for speaking around the country to empower citizens and galvanize them to speak up, and fight back against those who wish to fundamentally transform America into a socialist utopia. He implores Americans who want to leave Washington to the politicians now that they helped elect Trump and Republicans to stay engaged. “We have been granted a miraculous reprieve in President Trump’s election.”

Citizen activism is needed, he says, to back up Trump’s mandate and pressure or oust Republican squishes. He also hopes everyone who is watching in despair uses their social media to relay truth and help swing public opinion and keep others informed.

Here is Loudon’s documentary: “America under Siege”: