It’s Time To Start Calling ‘Democrats’ What They Really Are: Leftists


It’s time to stop calling Democrats “liberals” or even “progressives.” Because they’re not. Not anymore.

Sure, back in the days of Kennedy or even Clinton, the Democratic party could make the claim to modern American “liberalism” and “progressivism.” As the “loyal opposition,” they were reliably along the “liberal to conservative” spectrum that defines American politics.

But those days are long gone. Democrats have fallen so far off that spectrum that they should no longer be allowed to be called liberals.

Long associated with the political “left,” Democrats now define the extreme left of American politics. Therefore, they should from now on be called leftists.

They are leftists because they reject the constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of speech. Instead, they promote “speech codes” and “trigger warnings” and support violent protests against speakers whose opinions they disagree with.

They are leftists because they do not tolerate dissent even from members of their own party. If you’re pro-trade, pro-life, or pro-liberty, there’s no place anymore for you in the Democratic party. You have been purged.

They are leftists because of their wholesale adoption of racial movements like Black Lives Matter, which seeks to divide Americans along color lines.

They are leftists because they side with criminals instead of law enforcement, illegal aliens instead of border patrol, and murderers instead of American families.

They are leftists because they no longer believe in the American Dream. Instead, they seek to replace it with a European-style socialist nightmare.

They are leftists because they embrace sexual and moral ambiguity, choose death instead of life, and espouse a political philosophy that is increasingly looking like something out of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

They are leftists because, like most socialists, they espouse equality, but they are really all about government control. Control from the top-down. There is nothing equal about being beholden to an omnipotent federal government.

They are leftists because they no longer subscribe to the Democratic principles that their party stood for as recently as 20 years ago.

They are the party of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Black Lives Matter.

They are leftists.