James Woods Posts 4 Epic Tweets About National Anthem Kneelers

As time goes on, and more people condemn those who have kneeled for the National Anthem, more players are partaking in such statements themselves. This past weekend had several hundred NFL players take a knee, especially after President Trump further fanned the flames by saying that owners should “get those sons of bitches off the field.”

As those players took a knee during the National Anthem, including at a game over in London, the the NFL has taken a beating in ratings since the spread of these statements.

Conservatives have largely been outraged by these statements, and James Woods is certainly no exception. Over the weekend, he posted 4 tweets that put the whole kneeling statements into perspective.

For instance:

The Left says that they are the champions of free speech, but have been the primary entity that has shut down free speech across the country, UC Berkeley being the foremost example.

So it’s okay to take a knee during the National Anthem, but not to pray to God? Double-standard much?

This was one of my favorites:

Ouch… That’s one kneel they’ve been oddly silent about for 20+ years.

And finally:

Woods is one of the rare few in Hollywood who has his head on straight.

Nonetheless, I think it’s important to remember that while some of us may not like the fact that prominent NFL players are kneeling during the National Anthem, there are much bigger and more pressing issues in our society.

The outrage over this doesn’t solve the national debt crisis, the collapse of Obamacare, and the systematic murder of 60 million+ children in the womb over the past several decades.

Seriously, folks. While it may be upsetting for some to see the kneeling protests, we have bigger fish to fry. If we don’t fry them, they’ll fry us.

H/T Young Conservatives