Jane Sanders Has The Most PATHETIC Excuse For Why FBI Is Investigating Her

As TFPP has been covering, socialist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane has been the subject of an FBI fraud investigation due to her alleged actions as president of Burlington College in Vermont, specifically it closing down after it defaulted on a loan she is accused of applying for using fraudulent information.

The case has of course been a perfect symbol of why you should never trust socialists with large sums of money, but now Mrs. Sanders’ spin has also helpfully illustrated yet another problem with socialism: it’s innate inability to take responsibility for anything.

The Daily Wire’s Hank Berrien reports that in response to her accuser, Vermont GOP Vice Chair Brady Toensing, Jane Sanders says, “I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that’s not okay.”

Ah, sexism. Okay. It has nothing at all to do with a school going belly-up on your watch. That’s totally normal, so much so that apparently we wouldn’t even be talking about it if Burlington’s president was male. Got it.

Seriously, it’s revealing that she can’t stop at simple denial and deflection; she has to pretend there’s a misogyny angle. Presumably she’s miffed at Toensing’s statement that “Ms. Sanders’s privileged status as the wife of a powerful United States Senator seems to have inoculated her from the robust underwriting that would have uncovered the apparent fraudulent donation claims she made.”

But that statement is obviously true, and obviously not sexist. Relatives of politicians get preferential treatment all the time — spouses, siblings, in-laws, offspring — and gender has nothing to do with it.

As for the substance of the accusation Mrs. Sanders is dodging, Berrien summarizes:

Toensing had been investigating Jane Sanders since 2014, when his research found she had been given a sizable payout when she left the college after the financial debacle that occurred on her watch. Sanders Sanders received a severance package of more than $200,000.

The college could not pay off $10 million in loans it owed from buying a 32-acre campus on Lake Champlain from the Catholic diocese in 2011. The diocese had loaned the school $3.65 million; the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency had loaned the college $6.5 million.

According to David V. Dunn, a Burlington College trustee at the time of Sanders’ alleged malfeasance, Jane Sanders wanted to demonstrate that the college would pay back the loans by obtaining $2.6 million in donations and getting increased enrollment, which she allegedly promised would happen. Dunn told The New York Times, “Neither of those were true.”

Well, when you put it like that, Jane Sanders’ reaction is more understandable. There aren’t many ways to make those facts sound good, so playing identity politics was probably a safer bet, no matter how lame.

What a shame she isn’t a member of the First Family. This reminds us that in a Sanders White House, the buck would have stopped anywhere else but there.