Rev. Jesse Jackson Finally Gets What’s Coming to Him

You knew it was coming.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been accused of sexual harassment by a journalist.

The reporter for the “Black Site” The Root, accused the left’s civil rights icon, and his key staffer John Singleton of making inappropriate advances and comments while she was doing her job.

Danielle Young was working for a “very popular media company” where Jackson gave the keynote speech. She doesn’t say what date this happened.

She said after talking about the responsibilities of black journalists, he lined up with all the reporters to have their pictures taken.

“I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me,” Young wrote. “His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.”

Young was too shocked to react so she just giggled uncomfortably as Jackson pulled her close while a co-worker took photos. She said she felt “deflated” after she was finally able to pull away from the man she once admired who “marched alongside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

I reached out to a former co-worker who was in the conference room, who also had lined up to get her own photos with Jackson, and she said: “I remember him being inappropriate with all the women. And I also remember you telling me that he did something more with you. And then we brushed the shit off and chalked it up to him just being a dirty old man.”

Young said what she went through doesn’t compare to other victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault, but she said that her silence gave Jackson permission to continue grabbing at the next pair of thick thighs he liked.”

Young actually reached out to Jackson in the article, and his office released a statement that said: “Although Rev. Jackson does not recall the meeting three years ago, he profoundly and sincerely regrets any pain Ms. Young may have experienced.”

But most recently, Young attended the American Black Film Festival to interview Singleton — an Academy Award-nominated director — and the cast of his show “Snowfall.” At the end of her on-camera dialogue with Singleton, Young said she approached him to retrieve her microphone and that he grabbed her by the wrist, drawing her nearer, and said, “Bring that juiciness over here.”

When he pulled her closer, she fell and braced herself against his thighs. He then kissed her on the cheek, clutched her around the waist and said “Ooh, I’m gonna grab on tight to you.”

Again, Young saw a colleague in the room “Did you see that?” She asked.

“Yeah, girl,” the woman replied. “I heard he likes big girls.” The woman was also “of size,” and told me that when she went to take a selfie with him, he kissed her on the cheek and said, “I love your face! It’s so soft. I want to feel your cheek on my cheek.”

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H/T: New York Daily News