Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Just Got BAD NEWS


Just when you think this whole recount farce couldn’t get any more ridiculous, you realize that we’re talking about Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton…

Stein’s very expensive, time-consuming, and baseless call for a recount hit a snag in Pennsylvania when the candidate, who once bashed Clinton as likely to plunge the country into WWIII should she be elected, forgot to mark down an important filing date on the calendar.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Stein missed Pennsylvania’s deadline to file for a voter-initiated recount. That blown deadline is a huge blow for Democrats who have pinned their hopes on recounts in the Keystone State, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“According to Wanda Murren, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of State,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Monday, “the deadline for a voter-initiated recount was Monday, Nov. 21.”

To keep their hopes alive, Stein has mounted a legal challenge in an attempt to force a recount. While the chances of litigation are uncertain, the vote tally is clear. Trump beat Clinton in Pennsylvania, a feat not accomplished by a Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

While it wasn’t a landslide, it wasn’t close either. Trump carried the state by 70,000 votes, a significant margin that will be hard to overcome.

And even if Stein manages a recount in Pennsylvania, nothing’s guaranteed. Of the thousands of statewide races in the last 15 years, only 27 have been decided by recounts and only three challengers have pulled off an upset.

What is her legal challenge going to be? The Saudi check via the Clinton Foundation was held up in the mail? She forgot to set the alarm feature on her calendar for Nov. 21.? She was too busy vandalizing property (remember the spray paint incident?) to file?

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

Legal papers filed in Commonwealth Court by a lawyer for Stein’s campaign contend the Nov. 8 election was “illegal” and the results inaccurate based on research suggesting there might have been irregularities with electronic voting machines, among other evidence.

“Petitioners have grave concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines used in their districts,” the suit stated.

Stein’s lawsuit would have to present evidence that election fraud was probable in Pennsylvania. Democratic Secretary of State Pedro Cortes says there’s no evidence of voting irregularities during the Nov. 8 election

“Absolutely not,” Cortes told reporters. “There is no evidence whatsoever that points to any type of irregularity in any way, shape or form.”

When presented with actual evidence of voter fraud, or the potential for voter fraud, the Left whined that it was a conspiracy theory and Clinton famously decried that Trump’s refusal to say that he would accept the election results — if something was amiss — was a “threat to our democracy.”

Now that Clinton lost, for some reason Stein is playing this game for the Clinton campaign by only asking for recounts in states that Clinton lost — all the while claiming that this is about the integrity of the election system.

What is particularly concerning here is the possibility for the Clintonistas to rig the recount. They clearly failed to rig the election — probably because their efforts couldn’t overcome a landslide in a decentralized election system — so perhaps there’s something afoot to rig the recount.

Hopefully that’s not the case — or that their efforts fail —  and this expensive waste of time ends up being just that.