JOKE: After This Brutally Cold Winter Al Gore Has a New Job

Liberals Just Paid a BIG PRICE For Their Climate Hysteria
by Brian Thomas

Liberal wallets are suffering greatly this winter for policies they claimed would reduce global warming.

Winter is chilling the midwest and New England to the bone this winter. New Englanders are paying dearly for power, while power plants burn record-setting amounts of natural gas.

Coal-burning power plants can generally be used to produce massive amounts of electricity, but since much of New England shut down coal plants in favor of natural gas plants, New England burns through inordinate amounts of natural gas year long.

Their decisions have caught up with them this winter, Forbes reports:

Brutal cold brought record low holiday temps from the midwest through New England. Boston hasn’t seen such a cold spell since 1872.  Power prices in New England have exploded to $190 per megawatt-hour today, with a peak last night of $289 per mwh (versus an annual median closer to $50 per mwh). It could get worse. A snow-and-ice bomb is on its way up the eastern seaboard, bringing with it the potential for hurricane-force winds off the coast. Tallahassee, Florida this morning saw its first snow in 28 years. Ice cover on the Great Lakes is expanding rapidly. Cape Cod could get a foot of snow.

To keep America warm, power plants are burning a record amount of natural gas — 143 billion cubic feet per day. (Compare that with 125 bcfd during the 2014 Polar Vortex.) In Boston natural gas for prompt delivery exploded in priceto $35 per million British thermal units, making it the priciest gas market in the world.

New England’s drastically increased demand and ever-shortening supply leave them with no choice but to buy even at monstrously increased prices.

Conservative blogger Don Surber explains how New England is paying dearly for their global warming scare:

In New England, they shut down coal plants in favor of natural gas plants. The reason was an irrational fear of carbon dioxide, which is a nutrient essential to 99.99% of life on this planet […]

Natural gas is great for heating homes, although heating oil is very popular in New England.

But when you use the same commodity to heat your home that you do to light it, then you increase demand which in turn increases prices.

When temperatures plunged last week, New England had to scurry to buy natural gas on the spot market.

Forbes reported that on January 4, Appalachians paid an average of $4.02 per unit of natural gas whilst New Englanders paid an average of $87.47.

Not only did heating bills soar but electric bills as well […] 

West Virginia’s electric prices averaged 8.12 cents per kilowatt hour in 2015.

Massachusetts average 16.46 cents.

Don’t want our coal? Fine. That keeps the prices low and likewise, keeps Don Surber’s electric bills low.

Want our natural has? Fine. But we are going to charge you just a little but extra — say up to $83.45 more per unit depending on how badly you want it on any particular day. Some of that goes is taxed by the state of West Virginia.

Now that it’s so cold, New England is paying everything they’ve got for driving out coal.

Tell if you think they’re getting what they asked for, and sound off in the comments below.