Judge Napolitano: Whether Hillary Is Prosecuted Depends On This ONE THING


As most people know by now, Hillary Clinton completely LIED (shocking I know) about having all of the emails on her private server saved. In fact, she wiped her personal server clean. The personal server she shouldn’t have been using in the first place to conduct all government business.

Trey Gowdy is investigating the entire debacle but how far will this actually go? Both Clintons should have been in prison years ago but have managed to avoid it.


From Western Journalism:

 “She was so good at this, she could have taught Richard Nixon some lessons.” That’s how Judge Andrew Napolitano just described Hillary Clinton’s attempt to keep tight control over all of her emails during her tenure as secretary of state — even the emails concerning her official government business.

The Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst appeared on “America’s Newsroom” Monday morning to respond to the news that the private email server on which Mrs. Clinton kept all of her digital communications had been wiped clean. That, argues the judge, could be “obstruction of justice,” given that congressional subpoenas for those emails had been issued prior to their destruction.

Napolitano told host Bill Hemmer that Mrs. Clinton has now admitted to a number of acts which might be considered crimes, but that the former Obama administration official could get away with what she’s done if no one in authority has the “courage” to pursue her.

Watch the video here:

What are the odds anyone in the Obama Administration will actually prosecute Clinton? Slim to none.


Will Republicans actually have the courage to go after Clinton for her corrupt history?

This is like a bonus round for Republicans and close enough to the election that it could make a difference. Republicans have the chance to push this issue to the fullest level extent possible.

But will they?