JUST IN: New Developments In North Korea During Trump Asia Trip…

North Korea has lashed out at President Trump for his tour of Asia, calling him a “destroyer of the world peace” and claiming that Trump “begged for nuclear war.”

According to CNN, the North’s foreign ministry spokesman says that Trump’s visit to North Korea’s “surrounding region” is a “warmonger’s visit for confrontation.”

President Trump recently visited Japan, South Korea and China. He’s currently in Vietnam and will wrap up his Asian tour with a visit to the Philippines.

CNN reports:

North Korea lashed out at US President Donald Trump again Saturday, describing him as a “destroyer” who “begged for nuclear war” during his tour of Asia.

His current trip to our surrounding region is a warmonger’s visit for confrontation to rid the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) of its self-defensive nuclear deterrence,” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on state media, Korean Central News Agency.

Trump is in Vietnam as part of a nearly two-week tour of Asia, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has been a major talking point with his Japanese, South Korean and Chinese counterparts.

“The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger,” Trump said about North Korea during an address at South Korea’s National Assembly in Seoul. “Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face.”

North Korea’s dictatorship is apparently furious at President Trump’s call for nations to stop financing and trading with North Korea.

It should go without saying that North Korea’s assessment of Trump’s intentions in Asia ought not be taken seriously. The state has a long history of deception and Trump’s assessment of North Korea as a “nuclear menace” is a fair one considering the North’s string of threats and continuation of nuclear weapons tests and missile tests.

In September, North Korea repeatedly launched ballistic missiles over Japan.

President Trump says that regional peace can only be achieved through a “collective action” as he called for eastern Asian countries to stand firmly against North Korea.

CNN continues:

“Together we have in our power to finally liberate this region and the world from this very serious nuclear menace, but it will require collective action, collective strength and collective devotion to winning the peace,” Trump said.
North Korean officials, who said they’d be watching the visit, were quick to fire back Saturday. Pyongyang described Trump’s trip as “nothing but a business trip by a warmonger to enrich the monopolies of the US defense industry.”
It referred to Trump as dotard, a word the reclusive nation has used on him in the past. Trump has previously derided North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “rocket man.”
“Trump, during his visit, laid bare his true nature as destroyer of the world peace and stability and begged for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula,” the statement said.

As President Trump continues his Asian tour, it’s clear that North Korea is watching carefully, and is furious by the multi-nation effort to stand against the the threat of hostility.

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