JUST RELEASED: Terrifying Video Surfaces Of The Moment Shooting Started – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC…

A horrifying video has just been released that was randomly caught by someone simply walking his dog.

The man caught the moment when the Virginia shooter opened fire on Republican congressmen practicing for an upcoming bipartisan charity baseball game scheduled for tomorrow night.

Before going further, watch the frightening video below. WARNING – Graphic:

This video is spine-tingling and horrifying. What’s most horrifying is not knowing where the gunfire is coming from. And it doesn’t stop for what seems like a very long time.

The shooter clearly had a semi-automatic rifle, unlike what some in the mainstream media have reported. If you know anything about gunfire, this was not an automatic rifle. The shooter was pulling the trigger each time he fired on innocent people.

Seeing a lifeless body lying in the field… there are no words. And people couldn’t help until they knew they too wouldn’t get fired upon. Mortifying.

The silence while this heinous event was unfolding is eerie. Thank God the Capitol Police were there with their own firearms so they could take this disgusting piece of human filth down and stop even more injuries or possible deaths.