Kaepernick Addresses Report That He Will Stand For National Anthem In Exchange for NFL Contract

Just a few hours ago this Sunday afternoon, we reported that Colin Kaepernick claimed he would stand for the national anthem if he just got a contract with an NFL team so he could play again.

The report was based on a story from CBS’ NFL Today show, where Jason La Canfora summarized a recent lengthy conversation he had with Kaepernick about the whole controversy.

Many outlets got a hold of this information, including the Associated Press, who then ran with the story that Kaepernick would back off of his kneeling demonstrations if he got signed. However,those reports are not really true, as Kaepernick never actually said that, nor was the topic even discussed, according to NBC Sports.

Now, La Canfora has abandoned his prior assertion, pointing out that he didn’t talk to Kaepernick about whether he plans to stand or kneel for the anthem. Instead, La Canfora says that he was simply relaying what had been reported about Kaepernick planning to stand. (The on-air segment made no reference to any other reports.)

This makes the whole thing even more bizarre. How could La Canfora spend a “few hours” with Kaepernick and not have the question of whether he’ll stand or kneel for the anthem come up at all?

Prior reports have indicated that Kaepernick will stand for the anthem in 2017, but circumstances have changed significantly since then. With so many players now kneeling (23 members of the 49ers took a knee on Sunday), the question has become much more complicated for Kaepernick. And, at least for now, the question of whether he’ll kneel or stand isn’t relevant, since he continues to not have the opportunity to make that choice.

So basically, La Canfora made up the idea that Kaepernick would give up his kneeling demonstrations if signed. While it created a firestorm on both sides, the Left denouncing him for capitulating, the Right saying he got what he deserved, it was simply a fake news story.

Not even the sports reporting is immune from fake news news these days!