Kamala Harris Argues Against Obamacare Repeal; BACKFIRES Big Time

kamala harris

Kamala Harris, California’s new U.S. Senator, is a typical California liberal: one who loves big government managing every aspect of people’s lives; that, of course, includes your medical care. How magnanimous…

But, lo and behold, there are now proposals to cut government spending on Medicaid which so many people in California rely upon for medical coverage. She took to social media to express concerns about cutting Medicaid funding.

President Trump, and the now unified government, largely campaigned on repealing Obamacare and halting the expansion of government control of the healthcare industry. But government is like heroin: once you take a dose of it, only larger doses will satisfy the craving. It is only a matter of time before an overdose happens, unless you get some help.

It appears that Kamala Harris is rather afraid of Obamcare rehab, namely repealing the law and halting the expansion of Medicaid. By doing so, she claims that 1 in 2 children in California will be affected. However, that completely skirts the issue, which is…

What the hell are half of California’s children doing on Medicaid in the first place?

The Twitterverse seems to largely have the same concern.


What Harris is doing here is skirting the issue, why there are so many people dependent on federal tax dollars in the first place.

If your state has such a crisis of economy that half of the kids there are reliant upon other people’s money, should that not raise certain questions in your mind?

Why is this the case?

What is causing the poverty?

How can we get people off of federal assistance?

But no… This is the political Left we are talking about. They don’t want to get people off of government aid, because that strips power from them.

While the Democrats are busy hanging a carrot in front of the horse’s face, turning it in any which direction they so desire, those who have their heads on straight want to irrigate, plow, and plant a field of carrots.

But by doing that, the power to direct that horse is gone. The Left would rather have their one carrot direction philosophy rule, rather than creating economic conditions where one can make their own way.

So what is the Left’s perspective on having 50% of kids dependent on Medicaid?

“We’re halfway there!”

Come on people, priorities…

H/T Twitchy