Kamala Harris Tries To Shame Christian Baker With Obnoxious Tweet – Then Twitter Hit Back HARD!

Oh, Kamala Harris.

I’m already tired of hearing her name in the news. Why you ask?

Because she has become famous politician for condemning the actions of others. Not for anything she has done. She hasn’t really done anything besides cry, whine, complain, and make my ears bleed.

Her rants have become white noise in the political landscape.

But I will still report on them–especially when others put Kamala Harris in her place.

Take, for example, one of Harris’s latest tweets.

According to The Blaze, Harris became the target of Twitter attacks when she “seemingly advocated against the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom.”

Writing on Twitter, the progressive Democrat said that shame should be placed on the Department of Justice for “siding with discrimination” in a recent decision about a baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Harris’ tweet included a Washington News story about the Justice Department’s decision.

The story details the decision Trump’s DOJ made this week when they decided they would advocate for the baker’s First Amendment right to freely practice his religion without interference from government.

The federal government will argue in-favor of the baker’s rights in an upcoming Supreme Court battle that will deliver a landmark decision on religious freedom.

The Blaze then raised an excellent question.

If Kamala Harris tweeted that discrimination “has no place in our society,” that begs the question: Discrimination against whom?

Because, “Harris will always fight for the rights of those who her movement sees as marginalized. However, while fighting against discrimination for one group, Harris is fighting for discrimination against others: Christians and the rights of business owners.”

Of course, those who have half a brain on Twitter picked up on this discrepancy as well.

I’ll share with you some of my favorites:

“You should read the Constitution for comprehension sometime. You seem very ignorant about what it says.”

“Your level of bias bigotry and craziness is scary.”

“If you don’t like the business don’t do business with them. Simple isn’t it. This person does not have religious rights?”

“Freedom is more important than feelings.”

How can you be a Senator and an AG and not understand the Constitution, and the concept of liberty and freedom?”

As archaic as the bakers beliefs are, they are his. Nobody should be forced to do anything they are uncomfortable with.”

Can I get an ‘Amen’?

Or, would that be too offensive to those who don’t believe what I believe and therefore I can’t speak so they can?

One of two things is happening.

Either Kamala Harris, and Democrats like here, don’t understand how this type of thinking is discriminatory to others. They are then really stupid.

And we have a lot of stupid people in government.

Or, and this is certainly more terrifying, they do know exactly what they are doing.

They mask their liberal, anti-Christian, anti-business agenda with social-justice-warrior language and suggest the only purveyors of prejudice are those unlike themselves, across the aisle.

Which do you believe it is? Or, is it both?